Carve your future in Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and more.

Fill your gap year with the experience of a lifetime: become a ski instructor in Canada, Africa, Austria or Japan and experience a whole winter in the snow. That sounds pretty simple, but how does it all work? We help you on your way as best we can and arrange everything for you. From good preparation and recognized ski instructor training to a job guarantee in a top ski area to work. You can therefore fully focus on your education and you do not have to worry about side issues!

A year away. No school for a while, but do what you want. And what could be better than skiing every day and getting paid for it too? When you start a season with Snowminds, you don’t do anything alone. The Snowminds Family is always there to help and support you. Together you will travel to the mountains, start your season, prepare and take your exams. Together you start your work at the ski school and together you make friends with whom you share the same passion. Becoming a ski instructor is about more than just skiing.


When you start your season with Snowminds, we take care of all the practicalities of training. After registration, you basically just have to pack your bag and look forward to a fantastic experience as a ski instructor at one of our many destinations. The route from here to your season in the snow is:

  • 1. Participate in an interview
  • 2. Perfect way to prepare
  • 3. The education
  • 4. Enjoy an entire season in the snow


You choose a course before you start your season. During the admission interview, we will discuss your choice and advise you on which education is best for you. So your first choice is not final yet! No matter which education you choose, you can always count on:

  • An entire season in the snow
  • The best preparation for your season
  • Internationally recognized courses
  • Personal guidance throughout the season
  • Job Guarantee! 100% of our teachers have worked after the training!
  • Part of a unique international community


Do you want to know more? Sign up for our information meetings or one of our ski or snowboard courses!

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