Become a snowboard instructor in Australia

Have an epic summer snowboarding 'down under'

Become a Snowboard Instructor in Australia: Ride the Southern Hemisphere’s Slopes!

Discover a unique adventure in Australia. Transition from tropical paradises to snowy mountain peaks as you embark on your journey as a snowboard instructor Down Under. While the allure of the spectacular beaches and vast outback may fade, the thrill of skiing in Australia awaits. Combine your instructor stint with exploring Sydney, mastering surfing, and more.

Venture Down Under to explore snowboarding havens spanning three Australian states. From pristine mountain conditions to renowned resorts like Perisher and Thredbo, even seasoned skiers find enchantment. Home to champions like Torah Bright and Lydia Lassila, Australia boasts challenging slopes exceeding 2,000 meters, along with a vibrant Aussie ski culture radiating positivity. With your instructor certification and a season of experience, Australia beckons for an unforgettable snowboarding season.

Map of destinations in Australia

Life as a Snowboard instructor in Australia

Experience the laid-back and friendly Aussie vibe firsthand. Embrace the carefree Aussie lifestyle, where decisions often revolve around hitting the slopes or catching waves. Australian ski areas offer modern amenities amidst cozy alpine villages, showcasing top-notch lifts, professional snow cannons, and well-groomed pistes—no surprise from a nation known for its surf culture turned ski paradise.

Dive into the unique advantage of reversed seasonality in the southern hemisphere. Live the dream of an endless winter season, possibly extending your stay to savor the Aussie summer. From world-class surf to white sand beaches, outback adventures, and vibrant Aussie nightlife, Australia offers a multifaceted experience.

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“After two seasons in Austria and Africa, I saw Australia as the next big challenge. It did not disappoint. Aussies know how to have fun — maybe too much fun. But that's a good problem, right?"

- Renée, Snowminds Instructor

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