Become a Ski Instructor in Japan

Experience a season with deep powder snow and a unique culture

Become a Ski Instructor in Japan


Let’s ski or snowboard in Japan! Japan is often associated with sushi, video games and high-tech electronics, crazy game shows like ‘Ninja Warrior’, and ancient temples. And yes, that’s all true. However, in recent years, Japan has also become the worst-kept secret in the ski world for a very different reason… The deepest and freshest powder snow anywhere. These unbeatable conditions help explain its rightly-earned nickname: JaPOW!


Are you in? If so, Snowminds offers you the opportunity to quickly become a ski instructor or snowboard instructor in Japan. Your season will begin with our 3 week ski instructor course or 3 week snowboard instructor course, where you will receive first-rate technical training in Japan and/or Austria that will enable you to crush your BASI, NZSIA, CSIA or APSI Level 1 exam and become a certified instructor. After passing your training course, you will receive a job guarantee at one of our world-renowned Japanese partner ski schools, such as Niseko, Rusutsu, or Kiroro, among others. Regardless of where you spend your winter season, we promise to make sure that your experience with Snowminds in Japan is epic.


Looking to take things to the next level and go even bigger in Japan? We got you covered! Snowminds is stoked to offer you our 2 week Level 2 instructor course, which allows you to go from a beginner to a more advanced Level 2 ski instructor or snowboard instructor on your very first winter season. The course is custom-fit around your personal work schedule for maximum convenience, so you can work and train all season.



Map of ski destinations in Japan snowminds

The Mountains


There are several different ski areas in Japan, actually more than in Austria, all of which offer guests something unique. The best known and largest is Niseko, which is home to several resorts and attracts a highly-international clientele. However, you really can’t go wrong on a powder hunt anywhere in Japan. The geography of the island, means you are sure to shred fresh deep powder snow pretty much everywhere.


Off the coast of Japan, on the northern island of Hokkaido, lies a mystery like the Lost World in Jurassic Park. Ok, there are no dinosaurs, but plenty of active vulcanos, hot springs and a magical landscape. Most ski resorts in Japan has an average of 16 meters of snow per year. How is that possible? Japan provides the ideal air temperature, where cold air blows in from Siberia and collides with seasonal winds over the Sea of Japan. It’s a process that creates a lot of moisture. This forms into dense snow clouds that bring heavy snowfall. The result is powder designed to shred.



“People often go somewhere remote, come back and say there's no place like it. Well, the thing with Japan is, that's actually true."

- Julie, Snowminds Instructor

The Instructor Life


As a ski instructor or snowboard instructor in Japan, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a rich and sophisticated culture. On the mountains, for example, it’s unlikely you could find more healthy and meticulously prepared food anywhere else. We’re talking fresh sushi, teriyaki bowls and hand-massaged kobe steak here. Even something as simple as a Ramén soup will warm up your heart just right, so you’re ready for a full day of shredding snow.


Lastly, during your ski season in Japan, we will expose you to a range of unique cultural experiences. During or after your season, you should fly to the mainland to visit and explore Tokyo, one of the world’s most modern and elaborate cities. In your daily life as an instructor, you have the regular option of visiting the Onsen hot springs or checking out a karaoke bar after a full day on the slopes. You really can’t go wrong here. And we are very excited to offer you a holistic cultural experience on top of professional ski and snowboard instructor training. From experience we expect you to be “wow’ed” by your time in Japan – it’s out of the ordinary and high-quality in nearly every regard.



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