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Unless you’re Lionel Messi, everyone can improve. That’s why we have created specially-designed instructor training programs to improve your ski or snowboarding skills. Go from ski zero to ski hero with our popular Ski and Snowboard instructor beginner course, or learn to conquer the backcountry with an off-piste guide course. On your very first season as a ski or snowboard instructor, we also offer you the opportunity to become a Level 2 instructor in both Austria and Canada. There’s really something for everyone. The choice is yours!






    Do you dream about becoming a ski or snowboard instructor, but maybe feel unsure whether it’s achievable? Let us settle that for you: YES YOU CAN! Check out our beginner course to start your journey and rapidly improve your ski or snowboard technique in five short weeks. With Snowminds you’ll also get a JOB GUARANTEE as a ski or snowboard instructor with the opportunity to shred for an entire season in Austria, Canada, or Japan.


    Are you ready to take your skiing skills to the next level and explore the off-piste? Enter the wild with our new Off-Piste Guide Course in Canada. This 28 day course, spread out over 2 months, offers you the ability to get the expertise necessary to safely and effectively go off-piste and shred the freshest powder. The best part is you can easily participate in this education alongside your weekly work as a ski or snowboard instructor. It’s the next natural step for anyone looking to shred the “dark side” of the mountain.


    “When a massive snow dump inevitably arrives at your doorstep, there is only one thing to do: Head for the promised land, aka the backcountry."

    - Theis, Snowminds Instructor

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