Revelstoke Freeride and Heli Skiing Event

More terrain. More Snow. More adventure.

Revelstoke is the heli-skiing capital of the world
– The New York Times


The name truly says it all… Revel (A verb: meaning, to take great pleasure) + Stoke (a verb: meaning, to feel real excitement) = Revelstoke.

For decades, helicopter and cat skiers from around the world have flocked to Revelstoke, BC, attracted by its perfect powder, varied alpine terrain and quaint mountain community.

Snowminds now offers you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit Revelstoke. What better place to spice up your season as a ski or snowboard instructor in Canada, than with a trip to the most vertical terrain in North America with all your old and new Snowminds friends?


"It was a huge rush of adrenaline. Normal skiing will never quite be the same again!"

- Martin, Snowminds

Dan Stewart, @danielstewart_photo, Daniel Stewart Photography

The Snowminds Revelstoke Event


The Snowminds Revelstoke event gives you a chance to experience what freeriding is really about. Get ready to improve and run through an unlimited amount of pristine powder. You will join a group of people looking to leave the slopes and find their own route.

When you arrive at Revelstoke, you will be accommodated at The Sandman Hotel, which has spa facilities which are a perfect place to relax after a long day in North America’s famous powder. On the day of arrival there will be a welcome dinner with everyone attending the camp so you can be well introduced to the other participants.

There are then two days of Freeride training, one day focusing on preparing for a heli-trip and the other focusing on improving your freeride skiing technique. Revelstoke offers a lot of great piste and unique experiences. The longest piste is ‘The Last Spike’, which is 15.2 kilometers long. Only 12% of the terrain is for beginners, the rest is 43% practiced and 45% advanced.

The highlight of the camp is a full day in the helicopter on heli skiing in the Selkirk mountains. One day we can guarantee that you will never forget and that will be an absolute highlight of your trip to Canada.

Selkirk Tangiers Heliskiing

Dan Stewart, @danielstewart_photo, Daniel Stewart Photography

Travel Program


We take care of the practicalities during the program, leaving you to fully enjoy the whole trip. Just bring your inner freerider and a bunch of good vibes to enjoy the trip with new and old Snowminds friends.


Travel periods:

  • 14.3 – 18.3. 2022 (In total 5 days)
  • 13.3 – 17.3 2023 (In total 5 days)


What’s included:

  • 4 days at the Sandman Hotel Revelstoke
  • 2 days of freeride training with Revelstoke freeride instructors
  • 2-day lift ticket for the Revelstoke Mountain Resort
  • 1 day of heli skiing with 5 lifts, catering and ski rental
  • Welcome dinner and farewell party with all the Snowminders
  • Half-a-million acres of terrain (Piste and off-piste)
  • 400 named runs with unlimited landings and pick-ups
  • The opportunity to experience a new level of freeride skiing
  • A Snowminds Team Leader on the whole trip


The trip does NOT include:

  • Transport to and from Revelstoke, Canada
  • Meals other than those mentioned above
  • Everything else not listed above in “What’s Included”


Selkirk Tangiers Heliskiing

Dan Stewart, @danielstewart_photo, Daniel Stewart Photography

Heliskiing with Selkirk Tangiers

Think big. No, bigger. Bigger than that, even. There are half a million acres of terrain in the backyard, and even Selkirk Tangiers haven’t skied through it all. After several trips to Canada, we know very well what every freeride skier dreams of…

We are really proud of offering heliskiing in collaboration with Selkirk Tangiers, who’ll pick the best slopes possible based on weather conditions and avalanche safety, ensuring you get the run of a lifetime.

Heliskiing is not included in the Revelstoke program but is an additional addon for the Snowminders who are interested.


The 1 Day Adventure with Selkirk Tangiers includes

  • 5 Runs
  • Full buffet breakfast, gourmet mountain lunch and après ski snacks
  • High-performance powder ski or snowboard rental
  • Barryvox Pulse transceiver and related safety equipment
  • Backcountry safety briefing
  • ACMG / IFMGA guiding service


The full program can be seen in the FAQ.




We have gone above and beyond to arrange the perfect trip to Revelstoke.

Below we have collected some of the frequently asked questions. Should you have a question that is not stated below, then feel free to call a friend in the Snowminds office. 


What's the program for Heli-skiing?

Since 2007, Revelstoke has offered the most vertical terrain in North America at 1,713 metres (5,620 ft) of lift-accessed area, 3,121 acres of fall line skiing, 4 high alpine bowls, and 69 named runs and areas, including legendary glades and phenomenal groomers.

The single-day package runs at a more rigorous pace allowing more advanced riders to maximize their vertical for a big day on the slopes.
The program uses the Bell 205 helicopter which accommodates up to 10 guests plus 2 guides. One helicopter serves only two groups for this package, meaning less waiting and more shredding!


A typical daily program with Selkirk Tangiers:

7:30 am:
Register at the Retail Shop: Guests using rental skis will need to bring a ski boot for the ski technicians to adjust the bindings. If you checked in the night before, you can go enjoy breakfast straight away.

7:30 am – 8:15 am:
Full buffet breakfast in the Dining Room on the main floor of the hotel.

8:15 am:
Guests interested in renting avalanche airbag backpacks can meet in the retail shop to be assigned a backpack. A rental form will need to be completed and the staff will guide you through the procedures for wearing one of these devices.

8:30 am:
The guide will meet you in the retail shop and provide you with one of the avalanche transceivers. Be ready to go outside with ski boots on. Ski techs will have your rental skis/boards waiting outside and you can choose a set of poles from the boot room as you make your way outside to your designated shuttle van.

8:45 am – 10:00 am
Your guide will lead you through a backcountry safety briefing before meeting the helicopter for an orientation of the machine. Once the training is complete your group will either load the helicopter directly or you could be transported by van to a staging area for pickup.

10:00 am – 10:15 am
Lift for your first run. Skiing until lunch.

3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Return to the Hillcrest Hotel for après-ski snacks and beverages.

How is freeskiing in Revelstoke?

Freeskiing in Revelstoke

Since we’re staying in Revelstoke for 4 days, we will have 2 days of freeride (Lift card included), in which you can do whatever you want.

The reason why we’re doing these courses is, of course, to experience Revelstoke, but just as much because we know how much fun all of our instructors have, when meeting each other and talk about their different season experiences.

Revelstoke offers a lot of great trails and experiences, also besides heli-skiing.

The longest run is ‘The Last Spike’, which is 15.2 km/9.5 miles long. Only 12% of the terrain is for beginners, with the rest being 43% intermediate and 45% advanced. And if the heli-skiing wasn’t enough, they also offer cat skiing.

Where are we staying?

We are staying at Sandman Hotel Revelstoke, which is located just a shuttle ride from the Monashee and Selkirk mountain ranges.

The hotel also offers cosy beds, indoor pools and hot tubs which is perfect after long days with freeride skiing.


Sandman Hotel Revelstoke
1901 Laforme Blvd, Revelstoke, BC V0E 2S0, Canada

Who are the guides?

Selkirk Tangiers is an amazing team of extremely passionate mountain people, many of whom have worked there for 10+ years.

They promote and foster a friendly working environment where the staff is looking to contribute to unforgettable guest experiences.

You will have 1 or 2 guides leading you through the entire experience.
Your guide will lead you through a backcountry safety briefing before meeting the helicopter for an orientation of the machine. Once the training is complete your group will either load the helicopter directly or you will be transported by van to a staging area for pickup.

What gear do I need to bring and is experience necessary?

We kindly advise you to bring all your ski- and offpiste gear for the days beside the heli-trip day.

During the heli-trip day, you will have the possibility to rent a pair of high-performance powder ski/snowboard.

It’s necessary for you to be a Snowminds Instructor to attend the Revelstoke Selkirk Tangiers heli-skiing event, which means you’ll have had plenty of experience to attend the event.

There are no skill requirements as the Selkirk Tangiers will adjust the skiing to the people attending the event.


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