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If you’re passionate about something, what’s the best thing to do? Share it with likeminded people! That’s what we believe in and that mindset, mixed with our passion for skiing, snow, people and the instructor life, made us start Snowminds back in 2012.

We have had one purpose since day one, which is to share our passion for skiing and help ski enthusiasts with getting amazing experiences for life as a ski- or snowboard instructor all around the world.

To ensure this we have made ski- and snowboard instructor courses, which ensures world-class teaching on and off the pistes, lots of team building and useful instructor education. We also have a job guarantee, so that you instantly can start the instructor life on a local ski school afterward.

We also do our best to prepare our instructors in the best way possible to pass a ski- or snowboard instructors course and be able to feel comfortable at a foreign employer. Why? Well, because besides giving you a unique season experience in the snow, the ski instructor course ends up being very developing for your personal development.

You will be working in another country with a foreign boss, teaching in different languages and being responsible for a lot of excited, and sometimes demanding tourists ski experiences. It’s a job, which has a responsibility and will prepare you for future studies and/or career. That’s gotta be at least as cool!


To support you on this journey, we are very confident to say that you won’t find a more competent, experienced and passionate team to help you that our Snowminds Team. It’s a big statement, but we guarantee to do whatever it takes, to live up to that title.

We have all had at least one season as a ski instructor (Some 16!), so we know what we are talking about and will do everything to help you before, during and after you winter season, so it becomes what you deserve; an experience for life!

We have a young team with former instructors, there’s big visions, great ideas, laughter in the office and a lot of smiles. We all love our job and we love our instructors. We are always ready to welcome new people to the family of Snowminds! And we say family, because we mean it. You’re not just a number, but a person, an instructor. Our only goal and wish is to give you a unique experience as an instructor, which you can look back on with joy and miss for the rest of your life.


It may sound like a lot, but it comes from the heart, and that’s what Snowminds is all about. Passion for snow, Passion for people. Passion for you.


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The Team


Our team consists of a wonderful bunch of passionate people who all have one thing in common; We have all experienced at least one season as a ski instructor and LOVE skiing and snowboarding! The entire Snowminds team works for one purpose; to pass on the same unforgettable experience as an instructor that we have all had ourselves! We know that you can only enjoy your experience to the fullest if you are in safe hands and are surrounded by likeminded people. Therefore, we see it as our most important task to support you both before, during and after your winter season, where the common thread is security, community and experiences of a lifetime!

Christoffer Vorre

Christoffer co-founded Snowminds in 2012. He began as a ski instructor in 2004 and completed 4 seasons in Austria. Since then, Christoffer has traveled around the world many times over to discover and create new opportunities for skiers and snowboarders. As a living descendant of Odin, Christoffer can always be found in the action.

Ottar Í Hjøllum

Ottar is our Faroese co-founder. He has completed many seasons in Austria and enjoys designing and delivering new products and opportunities for our skiers and snowboard instructors everywhere.

Thijs Kennis

Thijs has been a ski instructor since 2008. With 10 seasons as ski instructor in Austria, Switzerland and Africa, Thijs is a living legend.

Line Nørfjand Holm

Line was part of Snowminds' first training course in 2012 in Austria. She could not put the ski life behind her ever since and instead recruits future instructors for us at Snowminds HQ.

Mikkel Noordhuis

Mikkel is our Finance and Accounting Manager and all around team player. He hails proudly from Amsterdam - not to be confused with Rotterdam, another city in The Netherlands.

Trine Størup Mortensen

Trine started her Snowminds adventure back in 2013. Afterward, she did seasons in Austria, Canada, and Japan. She's also been a Team Leader, Course Manager and studied marketing. Currently, Trine makes sure that our social media is updated, and our website is working.

Mathilde Lundberg

Mathilde with an E is from Norway! She did a season in Austria, as well as being a Team Leader there. Mathilde is responsible for the Swedish and Norwegian team together with Matilda with an A. Every day at the office she gives the best of her abilities to create the best experience for you!

Martin Weinkouff

Martin is one of the original co-founders of Powderstore, our signature off-piste clothing company. He is true Snowminds, having worked as both a Snowminds ski Instructor and Team Leader in Canada and Japan.

Matthew Barnes Felthaus

Matthew is from England, but now living in Copenhagen, he first became a ski instructor on a gap year in Canada and fell completely in love with the mountain lifestyle, ski instructing and the associated travel! This led him to pursue a career in the ski industry, gain his CSIA level 4 certification, ski all year round and teach skiing in 4 different continents. He loves to share his passion for the snow and help other people :)

Dan Storm

Konichiwa from Dan! Dan is Danish and Japanese, and did a ski season in Japan. He studies at CBS and helps out with accounting at Snowminds as well as arranging the Japanese tours.

Morten Lund

Morten has done seasons in Kimberley, Canada and Tomamu, Japan. He works primarily with the Danish instructors each day and helps the new instructors so they have a good start and a cool overall experience.

Karoline Farver Albersten

Karoline has been part of the Snowminds family since 2016 when she had her first season in Canada. After that she has worked 7 seasons as a ski instructor in Japan, Australia and Switzerland, as well as been Team Leader in Austria and Switzerland. On a daily basis, she works with customer service and marketing in team!

Sara Winfeld

Sara is from Denmark, has done a season in Italy, certified as an instructor in Austria, and been a Team Leader on Austrian courses. Now she is both studying and working in the Snowminds office in Copenhagen. She loves skiing and snowboarding and thinks it's the coolest thing to talk to all our new and experienced instructors, and help them along the way!

Anna- Luisa Hagl

"Servus" from Anna. Anna is from Germany and works primarily in the Product Management team where she strives to create excellent products and experiences for our instructors! In January 2020, she attended a Snowminds instructor course in Austria and was able to experience the amazing Snowminds vibes on a course!

Miriam Kuhlmann Mikounis

Miriam started her winter adventure in 2017 with a season as a ski instructor in Austria! Since then, it has been 3 seasons in her second home, Lofer, where she returns every winter. Miriam works with our webshop, Snowminds Store, where you can find her packing orders, managing the logistics, and finding a lot of cool gear for our instructors!

Frederik Hansen

Frederik was on season in Austria in the 18/19 season. He started as a student assistant at Snowminds in the beginning of 2021 working to pass on the good vibes further, with daily tasks in the accounting team.

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