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About us

Who is team snowminds?

We are a young team consisting of former ski and snowboard instructors from around the world. In our office there is always room for new ideas, laughter and smiles on our faces. We love our job, we love our instructors and we are always ready to invite new people into the Snowminds family! Here at Team Snowminds we all work for one thing; to pass forward the same unforgettable experience that we all have had ourselves! We know that the only way you get everything out of your experience, is when you feel safe and don’t have to worry about anything! Therefore it is our privileged responsibility to support you before, during and after your season. With us the most important things are safety, community and creating memories for life! You can read more about the Snowminds Team right here.



Why should I travel with snowminds?

From day one, we have had one main purpose with everything we have done; to share our passion and create unique experiences for like-minded ski and snowboard enthusiasts from around the world. In this process we try and prepare our instructors the best way possible to pass the ski or snowboard instructor education and to be able to go through a whole season in an international ski resort.  To support you through this journey we dare to say that you will not find a more competent, experienced and most of all passionate team to help you than the Snowminds team. Those are some big words but we guarantee that we will do whatever it takes to live up to them!

How does Snowminds ensure peace of mind before, during and after the season?

We will do anything to help you before, during and after your winter season to make sure it will be an experience  of a lifetime. With us, you are NOT a number. You are a human being, an instructor and our only goal and wish is to create a unique experience that you can look back on with joy for the rest of your life. That is what Snowminds is about. Passion for riding. Passion for people. Passion for you.

Before departure you will become a part of our Facebook group, receive preparation material and be invited to our Kick-Off event, where we will prepare you as much as possible for your season.

During your season, you will have a Teamleader to support you on your instructor course and we arrange team events during the season so that everybody can meet up and share the good vibes together. 

After your season you will be invited to our reunion event and you will become part of the Snowminds community with access to special offers and deals. If you want to do another season, we can help arrange this too! In short, we’ve got your back the whole way and you are always welcome to contact us either for help or if you just wanna chat 🙂.



What do former instructors say about their season with Snowminds?

You can read all about what our instructors have to say about us and their experiences doing a season on our website blogs. Furthermore, you can read our reviews on Trustpilot and on our Snowminds Facebook site. Do you have something specific you wish to know more about? We can always put you in contact with a former instructor who can tell you all about it. Just ask us!

Can I contact you if I have questions?

Of course you can! Should you not find the answers to all your questions in our FAQ, you are more than welcome to contact us either through the chat on the website, by phone, facebook, instagram or email us at [email protected]

You can find further contact information here


General questions


How good should I be on skis/snowboard?

First of all, we should mention that we have a really high pass rate (exact pass rates vary year to year but generally speaking over 90% of our course participants pass their instructor certification on their first attempt). Should you not pass, this could be due to your level of skiing/boarding, language skills or that you simply just had a bad day, as we all have once in a while.

Our participants range from 2 to 20+ weeks of riding experience, so it is hard to say precisely how much experience you should have. If you have around 3 weeks of experience then we recommend you choosing one of our longer courses, so you will get the ultimate training before your education. We also often recommend this to people who have 20+ weeks of experience as well, as they will also be able to develop much further than their existing level. We always work from the same point of view and strive to train everybody to “become the best you can be”.  

We have also created specially designed ski and snowboard improvement courses to optimize your skills before your season, so no matter your level, you can be completely ready for your Snowminds instructor course.





Can you help improve my ski and snowboard skills?

We sure can. We have created special designed instructor courses to optimize your skills on both skis and snowboard.

We also have ski and snowboard camps for all ages and levels. We have a 3 week skill development camp in Austria for complete beginners and slightly experienced that is the perfect way to get a unique start to your “skiing career” or before the beginning of your Snowminds course.

For those with more experience or are already a certified instructor we have created the Performance Ski Camp to take the next step in your development.

You can also go from being a complete beginner to a certified instructor during one of our many instructor courses that you can read about here.




How does the job placement work?

The job placement is depending on you passing your instructor education, which around 90% of our course participants do. Should you have a bad day and fail your exam even though you did your best, then we will do whatever we can to get you a job anyways so you get the most out of your season experience. The opportunities and consequences of a failed exam depend on which ski school you will be working in and what country it is in. Have you for example done your education in Austria you will be able to do a re-exam in the end of the season, so you can retake the part of the exam that you failed. We are proud to be able to say that we have not been in a situation where we were not able to help with a job after the education.

The ski school will determine the conditions of employment which will be stated in your contract and define the extent of your work at the ski school. The conditions of employment, such as working hours, wages, accommodation, lift pass and insurance can vary from ski school to ski school and it will solely be the ski school determining the conditions of employment and not Snowminds.


How old should I be?

You must be at least 18 years to attend one of our courses. Most of our participants are 18-26 years old. We also have people who are older, who never got around to living the ski instructor dream. We openly welcome anyone with good vibes and motivation.

In our experience, the great thing about being an instructor in the mountains is that everyone comes together for the same passion and regardless of age we all have a common interest and age tends to not be a factor 🙂  

Can I travel with a friend or a partner?

As a general rule, yes you can. Every year we have more people who want to do a season with their friends or partner and we do everything we can to make this happen. We value matching the right participants with the right ski schools and in order for people to go together it is necessary for both people to match with the ski school. However this is usually not a problem if you apply early. Please contact us if you wanna go with your friend or partner.

What equipment should I bring?

We recommend you to bring your own equipment both during the training course and the season. Your boots will be your new best friends so they are worth investing in. The ski school will provide you with a uniform that you can use while at work. As a starting point this should only be used for work, which means you should have your own ski clothes for when you are riding outside of work hours. Prior to your departure you will receive a full list of what to pack and recommendations on what kind of equipment to bring along to the season as an instructor. We will also bring you offers on the newest gear for the season that you can buy through the Snowminds store.

Do i need travel insurance?

It is important to be covered by an insurance when you go and explore the big world. Therefore it is a requirement to have travel insurance that will cover you under your entire stay. While working you will be covered by a work insurance through the ski school. However it is important that you have travel insurance that will cover you during the course, in your free time and if you want to travel after your season. We recommend you as a starting point to make sure it covers the following. 1) Your entire stay 2) Home transport and 3) Covers extreme sports such as skiing and offpiste.     

We recommend that you look into whether or not you are already covered by either your own or your family’s insurance and might be able to simply extend an already existing insurance. Please feel free to contact us if you have any doubts about this as it is very important. Furthermore if applicable for your country it is important that you have the national health card.


Can I travel with you even though I already have a job at a ski school?

Yes for sure! Every year, we have instructors that already secured a job at a ski school but wants to travel with us to get the full experience. There are plenty of benefits in taking a course with us, we create the settings for a unique community, safety and lots of amazing experiences. You can read more about the benefits of joining Snowminds right here.

What do I need to bring on my season?

Rule number one; don’t bring too much! Once you think you have figured out how much you “need” then put half of it back in the closet – especially everyday and party clothes. Trust us! Furthermore, remember that you are gonna be living the life of an instructor. What that means? It means that you will spend most of your hours in your uniform and winter clothes This goes for being on the mountain, at aprés-ski, having fun at home or going to town. Therefore, don’t bring to much non winter related clothes. We will send you a full list of what to pack before you leave for your season. 

What destination am I going to and can I choose it myself?

We work with many different destinations in all the countries that we send our instructors too. We always choose the ski school and destination based on what we think would fit the individual candidate best. We invest time in finding the perfect place and ski school on the basis of our application process, in this interview we focus on language skills, personality, destination and further education wishes. You are welcome to let us know your preferences, but the final decision will be taken on the factors mentioned above. 

It is possible to book a destination guarantee, this will guarantee you to get to one of your top 3 desired destinations. Go to www.snowminds.com to read more about all the different destinations we offer in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, South Africa, USA and Austria.

Please contact us if you can not find the destination you are looking for and we will do whatever we can to find a solution.


What happens if I do not pass my training course?

Should you not pass your education course, you usually lose your job placement. Many factors come to play and it may just happen that you didn’t pass the training course because you had a bad day. We understand. Should this be the case, then we will look at your work effort before and under our course. If you have been well prepared, super motivated and worked seriously and dedicated under the course, then we will do everything we can to secure you a job anyways and make sure that you still get an amazing experience as an instructor. In most cases, you will get the opportunity to retake your tests and pass your education later on in the season.  

Can I meet the other instructors before my departure?

Definitely! We throw Kick off events before departure where you will have the opportunity to meet all the other instructors that will be going on a season too. We create facebook groups where you can write with your future colleagues and friends and thereby already get to know some people before you leave for your course.

Is there someone to support me during the season?

In order to offer you greater comfort during your season, we have partnered up  with our former Snowminds instructors, who can answer all the questions you may have about your destination or season. A lot of our team leaders will be present at the Kick off events and during the instructor course they will be a big help before, under and after your season.

Do I get any preparation material before departure?

You will receive a specially designed Snowminds preparation material before your season. This has all the important information about your whole experience along with advice and tips. With this material you will be prepared for what is to come, how to pass your education and how you make the best out of your season as an instructor. This material is revised year after year with feedback and tips from old instructors, this is why it is specially designed to give you all the relevant information needed.

Can I meet other Snowminds Instructors during the season?

For sure! Visiting your fellow Snowminds friends is one of the best “excuses” for exploring the country in which you are spending your season and visiting other ski resorts nearby. There are typically specially-discounted prices available through your ski school for lift tickets at nearby resorts.

Application process

What do you look for in candidates?

We don’t look for one particular type of person that we think is the perfect candidate for the job as a ski or snowboard instructor. We believe that a versatile team is the strongest team. We do however look for people that are super motivated, love skiing/riding, looking to develop, ready for a challenge and to have an amazing experience with us. Therefore our best advice for you is to be yourself and don’t be afraid to show who you really are – we really appreciate that!

It is also an advantage if you are good with new languages and have teaching experience however this is not a requirement! In our experience, this is something everybody can learn and master as long as they have the right motivation.

How do I apply?

You can apply via our application form on our website. Furthermore, you can read about the specific requirements to apply under each course page. 

How does the recruitment process work?

First step is to send us an application. We will always answer your application and if we find your application interesting, we will invite you for an online interview. Before the interview, you will need to fill out an intake form, where you have to attach your CV, motivational letter, character, picture etc. This gives us the opportunity to get to know you even better before our interview. Once the interview is over we will get back to you within a week with the result of our interview. Should you be successful in being offered a spot, then you have officially secured yourself a season as an instructor with Snowminds. At some of our destinations, there is one more step. Here it is required to have an online interview with the ski school to make sure it is a 100% match for both sides.

Which country should I apply for?

With Snowminds, there is plenty of choice and you can apply to go almost anywhere in the world. We run instructor courses in Austria, Canada, Spain, Switzerland, New Zealand and Japan. For those with experience, we also arrange winter seasons in Africa, Argentina, Australia and the USA.  Each country is a very different experience with different languages and cultures, but one thing goes for all of them, you will have an amazing experience no matter what you choose! 

To work as an instructor during your season, you will need to be eligible to work in the country you choose. This often requires you to be eligible to apply for a working holiday visa for your experience. Whether you can apply for a working holiday visa is largely dependent on both what passport you hold and your age. 

Your choice should also be based on what time of the year you would like to go. The seasons in Canada, Japan, Austria, Switzerland, USA and Spain run during the northern hemisphere winter whereas South Africa, Argentina, New Zealand and Australia seasons run in the Southern hemisphere winter.

You can read more about all the destinations below in the destination section of the FAQ or contact us if you are in doubt about which options is best for you!  

Which course should I choose?

We have put together different ski and snowboard instructor courses, to give you the flexibility and opportunity to choose the exact right one for you. It is hard to say which course is the best choice for you as this is influenced by many different factors. However, we do recommend taking a longer course to get the most out of your season and your time.  A longer course also gives you more opportunity to become the best you can be on your skis or snowboard and to become a big part of the social community. You are always welcome to contact us if you want help with your course choice. 

You can find an overview of the different courses we run in each country in the destination FAQ section below. 

Whatever package you choose, you can always expect the following at Snowminds: 

  • Safety of travelling with an experienced ski and snowboard related travel company. We got your back every step of the way, taking care of all practicalities and preparation before, during and after your training course.
  • Travel Guarantee Fund – security that is only obtained by travelling with a Danish travel company
  • Great snowsports expertise, teaching experience and an internationally renowned and recognized ski and snowboard education.
  • A unique international community and an experience for life with new friends.

How much do your courses cost?

We offer many different instructor courses according to your requirements and wishes. All details and prices are available under each individual course page. You can read about becoming a ski instructor or becoming a snowboard instructor and find the perfect package and price for you right here.

When is the last application deadline?

There is not a set last application deadline. We have application rounds, whereby the sooner you apply the bigger the chances are for you to get a spot and go to your dream destination. The spots on our courses get filled up quickly with good candidates, so our best advice is to apply as soon as possible as this enhances your chances of getting a spot on the team. We usually have most of our team hired before summer. If you have Canada as your destination, we especially recommend applying early due to the limited number of visas. 

How does the payment work?

After confirming your place on the team you will receive your invoice where you will be asked to pay the first instalment, a deposit. The remainder of your balance, your second instalment, must be paid either 60 or 90 days before departure (dependent on where you are doing your season). You can find more information about payment in our Terms and Conditions.

Destinations with Snowminds


If you wish to become a ski instructor in Austria, we have a variety of different course options to choose from. From 2 week intensive training courses to 12 week training programs, you can find all information about the Snowminds courses in Austria here.

The Austrian instructor training is recognised worldwide. You therefore also have the opportunity to go on several seasons elsewhere in the world. You will be a trained ski and/or snowboard instructor in either November or January with the possibility to do a full season or work in the high season. The course is in german. But don’t worry. We will help you with your german and we even have a special designed, 10-week Snowminds german course. This will make you completely ready for your adventure in the Alps.

If you are already an experienced instructor, we can also get you on a season with us. You can read more about the options for you right here.


To do a winter season in Argentina with Snowminds, you must already have completed a season elsewhere and be a certified instructor beforehand. If you are not a certified instructor with experience you can check out or other destinations to get your qualification in either  Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Canada, Japan or New Zealand.  

You can find further information about arranging a winter season in Argentina as an experienced instructor here.


To do a winter season in Australia with Snowminds, you must already be a qualified instructor.  If you are not a certified instructor with experience you can check out or other destinations to get your qualification in either Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Canada, Japan or New Zealand

You can find all the information about arranging a winter season as an experienced instructor in Australia here.


If you wish to do a season in Canada, we have a variety of different course options for you. You can find all our courses in Canada here.  During our courses in Canada you will be trained to pass the Canadian level 1 instructor education. During the last 3 days of the course you will become a certified instructor through the Canadian ski association CSIA. For snowboarders it is the last 4 days of the course that you will become a certified snowboard instructor through the Canadian snowboard association CASI. Here, the examiners will assess your ski and snowboard abilities and your teaching abilities, that you will have trained for during your course. Should the examiners find both sections passed, then you will be able to say you are a certified level 1 ski or snowboard instructor.

If you have already done a season with Snowminds in one of our other destinations, and you’re now interested in going to Canada for a season –  you can read more about the options for you right here.

Please note that a season in Canada with a job at one of our partner ski schools requires a Working Holiday Visa. After you have your spot confirmed, we will help you through the visa process as it can feel long and bureaucratic. Here are some “good to know” points before:

  • The process from start to finish normally takes at least 2 months
  • There are a limited number of visas each year *
  • The process is mostly online, except for the last step when you go to a visa office and leave fingerprints
  • The cost of the visa is a total of CAD 335 **
  • You need to be between 18 and 35 years old depending on your nationality to apply for a WHV

* You can find detailed information about the visa requirements specific to your nationality here.

** This may change from year to year and is determined by the Government of Canada


If you wish to have a season in Japan’s fantastic powder, then we have a unique collaboration with the ski schools in Japan, which makes this possible. You take the New Zealand, Canadian or Australian ski or snowboard teacher training in Niseko , Rusutsu or Yuzawa . After completing the training, you travel to the destination you must work on afterwards (if it is not one of the three course destinations). The courses are in English, so don’t worry about having to speak Japanese! 😉 The education we offer is internationally recognized, so you also have plenty of opportunities to work elsewhere in the world after your season in Japan! You can read all about the education in Japan and the experience as an instructor in Japan here .

If you are already an experienced instructor, we can help you too. Read more here .

New Zealand

If you want to do a season in New Zealand you can have an epic 10 weeks as a ski and snowboard instructor living in Queenstown. You can read about all the adventures right here. Take the New Zealand level 1 and level 2 instructor course and have an awesome season at The Remarkables, one of the southern hemisphere’s absolute best ski areas. We have limited spots available on this course, and places fill up quick so we recommend to apply as soon as possible if you want to join the team! 

If you are already an experienced instructor, we can also help you with arranging a season in New Zealand. You can read more here.



Do you want have a winter season in sunny Spain, then join our Spain course to become a level 1 ski or snowboard instructor. You will be trained to pass the Spanish level 1 education which is recognized worldwide and can be used in Andorra, Argentina and Chilé.  During this course you will be trained by Spanish trainers in both technique, teaching and theory. If your trainers feel like you meet all the requirements, you can then call yourself a level 1 Spanish instructor.

Read all about our Spain courses right here. 


To do a winter season in Lesotho, Africa with Snowminds, you must already have completed a season elsewhere and be a certified instructor beforehand. If you are not a certified instructor with experience you can check out or other destinations to get your qualification in either  Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Canada, Japan or New Zealand.  

You can find all the information about becoming a ski instructor in Africa as an experienced instructor here.


 Cosy little villages and incredible mountain scenery provide the backdrop for an epic winter season in Switzerland. In a country known to be well-organised and always deliver high quality, the skiing is of course also in a class of its own.

If you wish to become a ski instructor in Switzerland, we have a variety of different course options to choose from. From 4 week intensive training courses to season long program with a job placement, you can find all our course options in Switzerland here.

We have a variety courses in Switzerland suitable for non-EU passport holders that need to stick to a 90 day stay. If you are ensure on which course would suit you best, feel free to contact us so we can help you out! 

If you are already an experienced instructor, we can also help you with arranging a season in Switzerland. You can read more here.



To do a winter season in USA with Snowminds, you must already have completed a season elsewhere and be a certified instructor beforehand. You must also be currently be enrolled in a university or recently graduated within 12 months in order to come to the USA for a season.

You can find all information about becoming an instructor in the USA here. 

If you are not a certified instructor with experience you can check out or other destinations to get your qualification in either  Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Canada, Japan or New Zealand.  


After the season

Can you help me if I want to do another season?

Of course we can! Many of our instructors end up doing more than one season. We will be there to help you find a job again and help arrange your next winter season! You can read more about your opportunities as a qualified instructor here.

Is it possible to help out in your office?

You are welcome to give us a call or write to us if you would like to help out at the office. You are also welcome to let us know if you have any ideas that you feel like our new instructors shouldn’t be without. We hire interns all year around – maybe you will become our new colleague? 🙂

You can read more about the opportunities here

Can I apply to become a Teamleader?

Our Team Leaders are one of the most important elements of our courses and therefore we always strive for finding the right people to help give the new Snowminds instructors the time of their life! Our Team Leaders are part of the process before, during and after the courses in Japan, Canada, Austria, Spain, Switzerland and New Zealand, 

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a team leader, you can read more here.

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