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Packing list: your guide to a winter season

Snowmind's packing list is your ultimate guide to how to best pack for your upcoming season as an instructor in the snow. ... Read more


Doing your first season? An opportunity to start fresh

Three former instructors share their experiences from a gap year and winter season abroad with Snowminds, without knowing anyone beforehand. ... Read more


Oui, I speak French !

Thus, many resorts and ski schools find that having French on your resume as a ski/snowboard instructor is a plus. ... Read more


Q&A - a winter season in Nendaz, Switzerland

To get really close to the reality and a season in Switzerland, we asked a former Snowminder, Josh, about his seasonal experience.
In this blog, you can therefore read a Q&A with Josh who has spent a winter season in Nendaz, Switzerland as a ski instructor. ... Read more


Gap year - what are your options this year with Brexit & Covid?

If you are thinking of taking a gap year, looking to meet new people, have an adventure in the mountains that will give you lifelong memories… Then what are your options for a ski season this year? Can you still work abroad? Is Europe an option after Brexit for a gap year winter season with a British passport? ... Read more

Matthew Barnes

Which skies should I buy?

Which ski's should I buy? How tall should my ski's be? What type of ski is recommended? Is it best to rent ski's? Where should I buy ski's? These are question we often are asked. There are so many choices that it can be easy to get lost. Fortunatly, the choice is quite easy if you have the right information. In this blog we explain the differences that you should consider when choosing ski's. ... Read more


Insurances for ski instructors

When you travel with Snowminds, it is a requirement that you have travel insurance.
Skiing and snowboarding can be dangerous and you can get into serious accidents, which are often associated with high costs of treatment or rescue. Unfortunately, we experience every year that there are instructors who get injured and need professional help. ... Read more


A Day in the Life – Heli Skiing Edition!

Ever since I started ski touring and exploring the off piste and backcountry, it has been a dream of mine to go heli skiing. I mean, which skier or snowboarder wouldn’t want to be flown up into the beautiful mountains, dropped on top of a peak and ski endless powder all day? My name is Lauren, and I’m a ski instructor and wannabe freeride skier. I’ve been living the seasonaire life in the Mountains ever since  I got my instructor qualification in 2018 in Whistler. ... Read more

Lauren Wigan

Miriam's german blog from Austria

Miriam's did season in Austria back in 2017, continue reading if you want to know how was it for her. I received an email from Snowminds - they wanted me on the team that was going to Austria this winter! A week before, I had been to a conversation where we talked about the different possibilities ... Read more

Miriam Kuhlmann

Ski, Snowboard or dual? - Considerations and experiences

My name is Jakob Sander and I did a season in Austria as a dual instructor. My family always prioritized ski holidays over all other holidays. Therefore, since I was two years old, every year I have been one to two weeks on a skiing holiday with my skier mother, and my snowboarder father. Like so many of you probably ... Read more

Jakob Sanders

Clara's Canada adventure - Part 2: A winter season in Canada

Blog # 2: 10 Things Worth Knowing About a Ski Season in Canada My name is Clara and I have been to winter season in Revelstoke, Canada with Snowminds. I have written a small list of things that I wish I had known before coming to Canada. Hope you will read along! 1. Canadian culture ... Read more

Clara Kauffmann

How to become a ski instructor?

GUIDE FOR YOU WHO WANT TO BECOME A SKI INSTRUCTOR! Ski instructors or snowboard instructors are people you will meet at all ski resorts around the world. They are a big part of the local environment. But how do you become a ski instructor? To become a ski instructor, it requires a ski or snowboard instructor training, which can be taken in the country you want ... Read more


Sofie on the Snowminds Backcountry course in Canada

Sunshine, powder snow to the knees and mountains that have not been touched by humans for days. My name is Sofie, I'm 21 years old and I'm a snowboard instructor at Sun Peaks - and in my spare time I'm hunting for the perfect powder days ... Read more

Sofie Teglgaard

The German language - Can you learn it?

Theresa did a season in Wagrain, Austria. Before she made the decision to leave, she was very doubtful whether she could learn the German language. Hear about her experiences with the online German course, and get some advice regarding a winter season in Austria ... Read more

Theresa Normand

While we wait - part 1: Everything you need to know about the off-piste

"While We Wait" is a series of blogs that will lead up to the winter, where we prepare you for your ski vacation or your ski season. This time we will go into depth around the topic offpiste. If you want the ultimate ski or snowboard experience, you should definitely try going offpiste. If you are new to offpiste or would like to know more, please continue reading this blog about what it takes to have a good offpiste experience on your ski holiday or ski season. ... Read more


My season as a ski instructor in Sierra Nevada, Spain

Can you combine Tapas and Sangria with skiing in the mountains? Vendela spent the last winter season in Sierra Nevada (Spain) as a ski instructor with Snowminds. ... Read more

Vendela Edenglänt

My Dual Instructor Course & Season in Austria - Jodie

Can you have double the fun during your season if you become both ski and snowboard instructor? Read more about the Dual experience Jodie had on her season in Austria in this blog.

"Hey my name is Jodie and I’m 9 weeks into my first season as a dual instructor which turned.... ... Read more


Good to know before applying for a Canadian Working Holiday Visa

Before you go to Canada with Snowminds you will need a Working Holiday Visa (WHV) to be eligible to work at a ski school. A WHV gives you the right to work and travel in Canada up to 12 months.  There are limited amount of  visas, so you should apply in good time to get one. The visa process can be confusing sometimes -  that's where Snowminds comes in. We are here to guide you along the way. ... Read more

Matilda Nikamo

Clara's Canada Adventure - Part 1: The Instructor Course and Exam

My name is Clara. I just passed my CSIA Level 1 Ski Instructor Training in Canada. CSIA stands for the Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance and is the Canadian Ski Training Association. I am in the powder mecca REVELSTOKE in British Columbia, Canada. ... Read more

Clara Kauffmann

My season in New Zealand

Can you do a winter season in New Zealand when there is summer in Europe? You can, and Johan did it last summer. Read about his experience where a season was not just a season, but also a trip to a foreign country where he could explore on his days off. ... Read more

Johan Eksing

How much money do you spend on a season?

How much money do you spend on the skiing season? These are questions I often get after returning from my first season in Japan. At the same time, it is also one of the most difficult questions to answer because you can only give a personal answer based on your own experience. ... Read more

Daniel Kringelbach

What should you do on your Gap Year? THE ULTIMATE GAP YEAR GUIDE

You can spend a gap year on so many things that it can be difficult to choose what to do. We have made you this guide so you can think about what experiences you would like out of your gap year, depending on if you want travel, work or education. ... Read more

Trine Størup

Everything ready? WUNDERBAR! – Julie's first days on the Austria course

Julie has started the 5-week course in Austria, where she will be trained as a ski instructor over the next 5 weeks. Despite many new first impressions, Julie has found time to write about her first few days in this blog. So get ready to read about her first days on a Snowminds course and find out what has been happening! Enjoy.  ... Read more

Julie Rasmussen

Why is it a good idea to apply early?

That's a valid question. But there are a lot of different reasons!

We have throughout this blog-post compiled a few of the reasons, which will make it easier to get an overview. ... Read more

Mathias Selchow Poulsen

How is a Q&A session with Snowminds?

When interested in a season, you will have a lot of questions. Daniel was on a season last season and wrote about his Q&A experience. ... Read more

Daniel Kringelbach

Do i need experience to become a ski instructor?

How much experience do I need to become an instructor? It's a question we often answer and the answer often surprises people.  ... Read more

Trine Størup

The Ultimate Powder in Japan

In 2016, Mads Zederkof was on Snowminds' Big Japow Tour to Japan.

The trip consisted of a weekend in Tokyo and then to the North Island of Hokkaido in Japan, where Mads along with the rest of the group, experienced the Japanese off-piste from the best side. ... Read more


Do you have any spots left?

Are you in the situation, where you would like to secure a season for the upcoming winter, but you don't know if you are too late? Your friends already planned their trips around the world or started at uni... Don't worry! We still have spots available, but not that many. ... Read more


Blog #4 - My first season in Kaprun - Counting down to the end of the season

Coming back on the highlights of the season, I forgot a very important one! The Hütten Rally in Kaprun. Together with all ski instructors from all ski schools, we took the last lift up the Maiskogel. From the top, we went down from hut to hut, to drink a beer or schnapps everywhere. ... Read more

Susanne Posma

Vendelas thought before going to Spain as an instructor

Read about Vendelas thoughts about going to Spain, where she will become a ski instructor and have a season in Sierra Nevada, Spain. ... Read more

Vendela Edenglänt

Blog #3 - Going home in the middle of a season

Blog number 3 out of 4. Susanne's experiences during the season and her thoughts about going home during the season. ... Read more

Susanne Posma

How do you prepare for a season in Spain?

You may never have associated Spain with skiing, but trust us when we say it’s a fantastic country to do a season! In addition to the great Spanish cuisine, the mountains and the people, the 8-week ski course or 8-week snowboard course offers so much more! ... Read more


Blog #2 - Getting started in the ski school

Susanne's start to the season in Kaprun. This is the seconds of 4 blogs where she describes her experience. Read about the housing, teaching and more in blog #2. ... Read more

Susanne Posma

Blog #1 - The Course

During Susannes first gap year, she decided to become a ski instructor. This is the first of 4 blogs, where she describes her experience. Read about her first day on skis, snowboarding and the courses in blog #1. ... Read more

Susanne Posma

5 reasons to go on a winter season in Spain

When deciding on a winter season, most people don’t consider Spain as skiing is usually not associated with the southern paradise. But we think that it is a shame that Spain, as a winter destination, has so much offer, so we have listed some of them for you below. 

... Read more


While we wait - Prepare for the legendary.. Backflip!

No matter if you’re a ski instructor or a park rat, the backflip has always been on most snow enthusiasts bucket list and is undeniably the crowd-pleaser trick number 1!
Also, if you’re teaching a group of kids and you have a hard time earning their respect, try to bring them to the snowpark and show them a backflip, that will definitely make them do whatever you want. 

Below you will find a step-by-step guide, to prepare yourself for doing the backflip during your season in the snow, enjoy! ... Read more



These three words are perfect when describing the Team Leader Academy. It was a week filled with challenging tasks, lots of planning, a lot of information - but most importantly, lots of smiles. ... Read more

Laura Jegsen

While we wait: Learn the ski slang

Have you ever sat in a chairlift next to some local skiers overhearing their conversation about the bluebird and the champagne pow, while they’re “shaka bra’ing” it all the time? Or maybe being called a gaper without realizing that you were being mocked?

Fear not – in order to prepare you for the upcoming winter season, we’ve sat down with all our experienced instructors to get a detailed overview of most used ski slangs on the mountains. So put on your reading-goggles and extend your winter vocabulary! ... Read more


Skydiving in Hawaii

Instructors from Japan and Canada met to finish off the season correctly in Hawaii. The trip offered a lot of different activities like skydiving, helicopter trip, surf camp, ATV's and a three course dinner to finish the trip. ... Read more

Daniel Kringelbach

Ending my season in Hawaii

It's always weird getting used to the silence after a ski season. Luckily Sofie didn't have to, because her season ended with a Snowminds trip to Hawaii, where instructors from Japan and Canada met to finish off the season. The trip offered a lot of different activities like a surf camp, ATV's, beach volley and tanning. 

... Read more

Sofie Ulrich

A letter from Laerke to Laerke - ski instructor in Austria

It can be difficult to put into words what the job as a ski instructor is and what a season really entails. The things you experience, the lessons you learn along the way and the fun you have; those are things to look back at with a big smile. Laerke has put these experiences into words, as a letter to herself and we could not describe the feeling of doing a season any better! ... Read more

Laerke Christensen

Skiing on an active volcano - Ski instructors in Japan

Daniel and Lucas have had a season as ski instructors in Japan with Snowminds, more specifically on the destination Kiroro. Kiroro is located about an hour away from the active volcano Mount Yōtei. Defensive weather condition makes it a challenge to reach the top and have the joy of skiing down in the crater of the volcano. But fortunately (after several attempts) Daniel and Lucas managed to get a ski trip on an active volcano in Japan during their season! ... Read more

Daniel Kringelbach

Become a ski instructor in your gap years

Kasper Jakobsen got into his dream education after 2 gab years. The admission requirement for his study afterwards was to have A+ on almost all former subjects, but his work-, language-, and personal development from Kaspers seasons in Canada and Austria was his ticket for the dream education.  ... Read more


Season in Japan, Austria or Canada?

Meet Trine who recently returned home from a season in Japan as a ski instructor with Snowminds. This makes her able to tick off both Austria, Canada and Japan from the world map. Besides the extremely deep powder snow that Japan provides, it's also a completely different culture. This can be difficult to put into words but Trine gives it a try! But when you, like Trine has skied all over the world - can you then pick a favourite destination?  ... Read more

Trine Stoerup

A season recap with Emily from Australia, after her ski instructor course in Canada

We met with Emily at the beginning of December when she was doing her 3-week ski instructor course in Canada together with 9 other upcoming Snowminds instructors in the beautiful ski resort SilverStar! Now the season is lacking towards the end, and we thought it would be fitting with a quick catch-up with our favourite Aussie! ... Read more

Emily Jacombs

When one season turns into 4 - Canada

In 2016 Pernilla took her first season as a ski instructor with Snowminds in Sun Peaks, Canada. She quickly got addicted and this is the first part of her blog about when one season turns into 4. 

If you are reading this, you have probably reached the same point as I reached in 2016. I was “almost” done with school, really needed a break and had no clue what I wanted to do. I had been skiing most of my childhood with my friends and family and I had some of my best memories from these holidays. But going from ski holidays with my family to a whole season as a ski instructor away from home this seemed like a very big challenge. ... Read more


When one season turns into 4 - New Zealand

In 2017 Pernilla took her second season as a ski instructor in New Zealand.  This is the second part of her blog about when one season turns into 4. 

New Zealand? Where is that? Believe it or not, this was my first thought when my season was lacking towards the end in Canada. I had the craziest time and I just wasn’t ready to go back to grey and boring Denmark. I heard about New Zealand and shamefully I admit that I always just assumed it was a part of Australia(Don’t ever ask the Kiwi's this). But oh how wrong I was.

... Read more


Training program

We have made a training program that will help you get ready for the season with Snowminds and perform at your best level and therefore get a good start to the season. When I was on my season the first week was really tough. Because of the lack of preparation I did before going on the trip, after the first two days I was so sore and my whole body was aching, so getting through the week was a big challenge.This meant that I couldn't perform at my best during the first week. We at Snowminds want to make sure that you don't do the same mistake and not prepare for the season. ... Read more


Daily life as a ski instructor in Canada

Jonathan works as a ski instructor in Canada, at the Sun Peaks ski area located in British Columbia. Here you can walk with him through his everyday sweet life in Canada, and get a good insight of what the ski instructor life is all about!
Enjoy :) ... Read more

Our favorite ski gear from ISPO 2019 in Munich

Snowminds visited ISPO 2019 the last couple of days to get a first-hand view on all the big news within the winter gear industry! We have selected our favourites from the show that we will definitely look forward to trying our selves 🙂 ... Read more


Thanks Japan!

I was privileged to work at Niseko Base Snowsports (NBS), which was an Australian driven ski school. So there were plenty of Australians and they were all great people. Our bosses were extremely welcoming and the training was fantastic. The manager, Paul Lorenz, is a ski legend and it was a dream come true to ski and get feedback from a skier of his caliber. He forced me to think in new ways about my skiing and made me a better skier. At times this was extremely frustrating but it’s what it takes to get better. The trainings were also great in terms of getting to know my colleagues. The 5 months of skiing made me a better skier than the prior annual week of skiing with the family, it’s a completely different experience. Being able to push myself and see results of my development ... Read more

- Christiane, Snowminds Instructor

A little bit of everything in Sun Peaks, Canada

“My first couple of weeks as a ski instructor included - like all new jobs - a period of adjustment. Fortunately, this passed pretty quickly and the job has now become my everyday. For me one of the best parts of the work is the chance to meet people from all different walks of life: young children, maybe 3 to 4 years old, who sometimes miss their parents just two minutes after they walk away; 14-year old teenagers, who are brave and feel ready to hit the black slopes, despite only 2 hours of training in their entire lives; and retirees who simply want to improve their technique, stay fit and enjoy a day in the beautiful natural surroundings. As an instructor, you get to experience a little bit of everything and everyone. And yes, of course, I'm also skiing freeride in my spare time, hunting the fresh powder in the backcountry. All in all, the start to my season in Canada has been raging!” ... Read more

- Johan, Snowminds Instructor

In South Africa, expect the unexpected.

“When I think of Africa, I definitely do not imagine skiing. Frankly, the idea of ​​going there to ski sounded really mysterious to me. As the seasons are reversed in Africa, it means winter is in June to August. However, I was still very curious and did some research on Snowminds. A week later it was decided: I'm going to Africa! For someone like me who has done 3 seasons in Austria at the same ski resort and never been outside Europe, it is completely outside my comfort zone. But somehow it feels right to cross the border. Can you even prepare for it? No, you can’t. And that’s why it feels right.” ... Read more

- Maaike, Snowminds Instructor

“You ski like a girl. Damn right I do!”

“James Brown famously sang, "It’s a man’s world". And, you know, he’s absolutely right. But things are finally changing and it’s about time women breakdown more of the existing boundaries. Getting more women on the mountain, for sure, is an awesome example of girlpower. Anyway, my point with this feminist critique is just to say that I hope more women will dare to defy the stereotypes and expand their passion in a male-dominated ski and snowboard environment. And I can tell you a season in Japan is a great way to do that... The cultural education one gets by spending a season in Japan is formed through so many crazy experiences. I met a bunch of badass girls, who overcame their fears and cultivated their passion in a country with the absolute best snow in the world.” ... Read more

- Mitzi, Snowminds Instructor

Japan is a riddle, wrapped in mystery, inside an enigma.

“I did not understand it. I did not understand the language, the Japanese characters or the way the Japanese people behaved. I especially did not understand the "Hello Kitty" signs for roadside work, or why they added raw eggs to a crazy delicious piece of meat. Japan is simply incomprehensible. You cannot understand how cool a season and experience it was to travel around the Land of the Rising Sun… And yes, all the other prejudices and ideas of an insane amount of people, crazy good sushi, immaculately groomed gardens, cat cafes, streets full of light, big playrooms, lightning fast on time public transport, geisha, and an incredibly polite peopl who always say thank you -- all these cultural cliches can be confirmed! Still, Japan is much more than you think. I'm so glad and grateful that my ski instructor background got me so far away from home.” ... Read more

- Malou, Snowminds Instructor

And then came the powder, when we least expected it.

"... After a solid 7 hours of intense skiing we headed back to Niseko, where we were all looking forward to bathing in the local Onsen (hot springs) and calling it a good day. But then, we discovered what was waiting for us back in Grand Hirafu: The whole city had been covered in white! There was at least half a meter of snow on the parked cars and the slopes were basically empty. So we immediately scratched our spa plans. Our day of skiing could not end now. Sure, we were tired, but we knew what we had to do. We clicked our skis back on. One trip up the mountain couldn’t hurt that much, right? Well, JAPOW! Four hours later we finished the day with sore legs but full of energy. The adrenaline pumped through our veins after experiencing some of the wildest evening champagne powder, with snow completely burying our knees. That night I went to bed with a smile that probably reached both my ears.” ... Read more

- Julie, Snowminds

You come home, but really part of you is still there.

“Of course, it's nice to come home and see everyone again, to get a beer with my sister and maybe earn a little money. But no, part of me is still back in Canada. My legs may have landed at Kastrup Airport in Copenhagen on Friday evening, but I still don’t feel completely back yet. It's a bit strange to return home, where basically nothing has changed since you left. I experienced something new every single day in Canada... ” ... Read more

- Signe, Snowminds Instructor

Meet Bodie

"I pledged many years ago to “live as though I would die tomorrow, learn as though I would live forever”. I love skiing, I love the outdoors, the solitude, the beauty, the exhilaration of skiing powder, it’s like flying! To be able to do this and continue to learn and share with others is the ultimate reward!" ... Read more

- Bodie, Snowminds Off-Piste Course Manager

Why Japan? Well, well, well...

“Before I left for Japan, the question people often asked me was, ‘why travel on the other side of the world to ski when we have the alps and some of the world's best skiing and afterski around the corner?’ It’s a good question! Could it be because of the culture, where you eat sushi for every lunch break? Maybe it’s the afterski, which takes place at a karaoke bar. Or the slopes that stay open until 20:30, always giving you the possibility for night skiing. But then again, it could also be because the Japanese are the cutest, most polite, smiling and best service-minded people I've ever met. Naah…. there can only be one right answer to this question: SNOW! More specifically, the powder snow, light, delicious, deep, soft powder-snow - and best of all, there’s tons of it!” ... Read more

- Jens, Snowminds Instructor

Unsure how to behave on the slopes? Here are 10 rules!

It’s getting colder outside, we’ve passed what meteorologists refer to as the hump day of the summer, and its officially getting colder from now on. And we all know what this means: the winter season is approaching fast! Now is as good a time than ever to take a look at the 10 rules of how to behave on the pist. We don't want your après-ski-drink to be an infusion in a casualty department at your favourite skiing destination, so take a look here! We present you the 10 most important rules for how to behave on the slopes during the upcoming season... When you've read all 10 rules you'll definitely be prepared for your next skiing holiday or entire season! ... Read more

- The Snowminds Team

Not sure what to eat in Austria?

Some things in life are simply meant to be. Salt and pepper, the beach and ocean, and oh yeah, lunchbreaks from skiing and Austrian dishes. You can rest and reflect on the past hours of skiing while enjoying some of the best food with good company, whats not to like? In this short post we’ll dig deep into what exactly you can choose to eat while on the mountain or after a day of skiing in Austria. We’ll reveal the top 10 dishes you’ll learn to love and miss the most after your season in Austria.
... Read more

- The Snowminds Team


I’m standing on a mountainpeak and looking out over the horizon… “Life’s great!” While I swiftly let my eyes pan around the landscape I see beautiful snowcovered mountaintops in every direction. I feel the snow under my feet and the sun warmly embracing my skin... ... Read more

- Julie, Snowminds Instructor

Time flies when you’re buried in deep powder

“The season in Canada is going by very fast, and now only two months remain. Time flies when you are having fun and among amazing people. My fellow instructors and I have now seriously started our training for the CAA Avalanche Operations Level 1 course. We’ve had many lessons, including companion rescue training (locate, probe and dig transceiver-free) and problem-solving in difficult conditions (high speed, snow crystals, wind directions, precipitation). Of course, there have also been hiccups along the way. That’s part of life.… But why do we really go through all this? To pursue the deep powder. The difference between us and – as a matter of principle – the general population is just that we learn how to do it safely and dare to try. Going off-piste in Canada is simply amazing when weather and precipitation are right. This is the place where you can experience the completely dry champagne powder you dream about.” ... Read more

– Johan, Snowminds Instructor

That time when nature called in Austria...

“One memory that stands out, although it was not so funny at the time, happened during my second week of training with my group in Kitzbühel. We had just finished breakfast and it turned out I had eaten a bad egg. Unfortunately, I did not discover this until we were already on the top of the mountain. Far away from the next station, I really had no choice. Nature called, so I skied over to the off-piste – far enough away so the group couldn’t see me – and let that bad egg out the other way. Taking a dump in ass-deep snow is not something I ever expected, nor wanted, to experience. After the séance, I soon learned there was not only one, but two lifts going up directly above me. I never even noticed them because I was so embarrassed and just wanted to get it over with. Yeah, I’m pretty sure their day was ruined after that.” ... Read more

- Nicklas, Snowminds Instructor

When you know you belong.

"As an instructor, you experience a lot of different people who all have different perspectives on the world. I had a 6 year old russian girl, for instance, who hit my nose so hard it started bleeding. I’ve had kids who made drawings and letters for me. And I’ve had private lessons with families, which I still keep in touch with even a year later. But for me the most memorable experiences was with my the very first group. I remember my boss came up and said, “Hey, I have an adult group for you. You are not ready for them, but we don’t have any other available instructors. Tell them you’ve been instructing a few years.” Naturally, I pretended to be confident, even though i was peeing my pants a little. We introduced ourselves and quickly got on the lift. The first day went a little shaky. I didn't know my way around the mountain, and I had a sudden case of amnesia, where I forgot every exercise. After the lesson I went up again and scoped out some new slopes for us. Instead of going to apres ski that day, I went home to read up on different exercises. The next day went much better. My confidence rose and by the end of the second day we all went for beers. We bonded quickly and after the 5 days together, they tipped me well and told my boss what a great time they had. After that I knew I belonged.” ... Read more

- Marcus, Snowminds Instructor

Into the Backcountry. Sun Peaks, Canada

“When a massive snow dump inevitably arrives at your doorstep, there is only one thing left to do: Head for the promised land, aka ‘the backcountry’. However, it's a good idea to first know about off-piste safety and technique before going out there on your own. Thankfully, Bodie had us covered. He gave us a 101 off-piste course that included all the essentials: what to be aware of, what not to do, and how to adjust your technique effectively. After the lesson we immediately got out there and put our training into practice. I have to say, I really like when you meet someone who just burns for what they do. That’s Bodie. Not only did he know a ton, but you could just sense his deep desire to teach others and share his passion. It’s inspiring and really makes you want to listen and absorb every word.”

- Theis, Snowminds Instructor

“You know you are truly alive when you're living among lions.” - Karen Blixon

“To avoid over-romanticizing the journey, ala H.C. Anderson, I’ll get straight to the point: it was just one month after returning to Denmark following a season in Austria, when suddenly the three of us are seated next to each other on a plane heading towards Johannesburg, South Africa. Did we know what we were doing? No. Did we have a reasonable idea of ​​what to expect? No. Had we ever crossed the equator before, let alone visited Africa? No. Did we even dream about this happening? No, I mean who the hell dreams of skiing in Africa?! Wait a second… Are we actually crazy? At this point we had no idea… In the end, we learned it’s one thing to experience something, but it’s another thing to dare to grab the experience. That’s skiing in Africa, which is so absurd it’s difficult to process. After our journey, we finally managed to answer why we went in the first place: Because we dared!”

- Joakim, Snowminds Instructor