New Zealand

Become a Ski Instructor

The Destination

New Zealand is pristine. A $1000 fine (maybe?) for public littering helps keep it that way. Over the years, New Zealand has also quietly become a hotspot for the adventurous traveler of all ages. It offers some of the best skiing in the Southern Hemisphere, particularly on the South Island, with an impressive mountain range referred to as, “The Southern Alps”. The vast range of outdoor activities, from canyoning and caving to heli-skiing and bungee jumping, are anchored in natural surroundings that not even a postcard photo could do justice. You simply have to see it to believe it. 


For the first time, Snowminds now offers you the opportunity to become a ski instructor in New Zealand and work for a full season through a special partnership with Cardrona Ski Resort. If you already have teaching experience, you can check out our jobs for experienced ski instructors in New Zealand.


Map of destinations in New Zealand

The Culture

New Zealand has a proud and rich cultural heritage. A large part of the country’s population, known as Kiwis, descend from the island’s historical ancestors, the Maorians. The country also holds a reputation for being home to the world’s best rugby players, the New Zealand All Blacks. These rugby stars are often celebrated as gods. Here, rugby is taken quite seriously. Be warned, you should always cheer for the local team when a match is being played, or else be prepared to face the consequences.


As for ski culture, the Kiwis love to shred and they boast one of the best quality and longest winter seasons in the southern hemisphere. The South Island mountain resorts are located high in the Southern Alps, capturing snow laden weather systems that arrive from early June through October. That means you can expect quality snow that attracts both local and international guests, particularly from Australia.

The Instructor Life


After becoming trained by Austrian experts, you can look forward to a season in a country long considered to offer some of the finest skiing in the southern hemisphere. On the South Island lies the Southern Alps, home to three main ski areas, alpine peaks, and world-class ski schools. Equally important, the snow culture in New Zealand is massive – not only are there cosy and picturesque alpine villages, but also entire metropolises like Queenstown, which are obsessed with skiing.


Because of the reversed seasonality, the ski season in New Zealand takes place over the summer. The opportunity to ski during the summer months is found in only a few other places, including in South Africa, Australia and Argentina. With a season from June to September, NZ makes it possible only to have your skis packed a single day per year: namely, the day you fly back home.