Amazing snow. Sick freeride. Beautiful nature.

The destination


Cozy little villages and incredible mountain scenery provide the backdrop for a season in Switzerland. In a country known to be well-organised and always deliver high quality, the skiing is of course also in a class of its own.

Switzerland is the country that off-piste enthusiasts are flocking to, Verbier in particular is known to host several freeride competitions. For the experienced skier, Switzerland with its high mountain peaks, offers a truly rewarding experience on close to endless slopes.

In addition to skiing, Switzerland is known for its unique nature, chocolate and cheese – you don’t need much more you than that in life, right?


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The mountains


The ski areas in Switzerland are a kick-ass playground for experienced skiers and snowboarders. The high mountains not only provide an incredible snow guarantee where you can, for example, in Sass-Fee ski all year round – they also of course provide lengthy and challenging slopes.

In Verbier, you can put your skills to the test at one of Europe’s steepest slopes, but it’s not just on the piste that Switzerland is brilliant. Explore its backcountry, and you will understand why experienced skiers and snowboarders pilgrim to Andermatt to get their off-piste adrenaline rush going.


Instructor life


As a ski or snowboard instructor in Switzerland, you both have an opportunity to take your own skiing in the direction that suits you, while working for a serious ski school that expects you to provide the same service as the rest of the Swiss people are known for worldwide.

There are many opportunities for amazing experiences as an instructor in Switzerland, and we are of course ready to help you find a perfect match so you can make the most out of a season in Switzerland with Snowminds.