Ski instructor in Argentina

Spend your summer skiing in the Andes of South America

The Destination

Argentina has long attracted travelers with its warm environment, powerful wines, big juicy steaks, national parks, historic architecture and beautiful women. Argentine culture is vibrant, but the country also offers something special for skiers and snowboarders: a frozen and virtually untouched mountain oasis. With the highest mountain peak range in all of South America, Argentina is firmly on the map of under-explored, high-quality ski destinations.



Map of destinations in Argentina

The Mountains


Far from the busy streets of Buenos Aires, and the dry heat of the massive deserts in the north, Argentina offers ideal ski conditions to the south, in the wild and remote areas of Patagonia. In Argentina, you will find massive ski areas scattered along the high-rise and famous Andes mountains. The are many ski resorts located in Mendoza, the Sweet District, Patagonia and Ushuaia.

At the northern end of the Andes Mountains, in Mendoza, you will find Las Leñas, known for its steep terrain and adrenaline-pumping double-black diamond descent. Las Leñas is an epicenter for big mountain skiing – steep and open runs with powder for the taking. In addition, the region offers its own South American version of après ski, where you can party into the morning, la vida loca style.

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The Instructor Life


For Europeans, another plus to skiing in the southern hemisphere is the seasons are reversed. It’s winter there, when it’s summer here (and vice-versa). This opportunity is offered only in a select few other places, such as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. In Argentina ,you will encounter a long season, ranging from June to October, of which you are most likely to get the best snow from July to September. As an alternative to the summer beach vacation, a season in Argentina will allow you to experience the dream of an endless ski season.


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