Work as a Ski Instructor in Lesotho

The Destination in Lesotho 


Take your first impression of South Africa. You are probably imagining a rich and historic culture, roaming wildlife, and amazingly colorful sunsets. And yes, that is true. However, try for a moment to now imagine a big mountain slope covered in snow. Having some trouble? Frankly, we would be surprised if you didn’t. Welcome to Afriski!


Tucked away 545km from Johannesburg lies the mountain kingdom of Lesotho, a small enclaved country of 2.2 million people within the larger state of South Africa. While many travelers experience safari and city life in the region, few even imagine skiing there. But it’s a very real possibility. Through a close partnership, Snowminds offers you the unique opportunity to work as a paidski instructor in Lesotho and experience a side of Africa rarely imagined.



The Instructor Life


Afriski is a modest ski area in Lesotho, a country where this should not be possible. But it is. At 3000 meters high, there is a large, wide ski slope with an associated children’s area, fun park, afterski bar and cabins that can accommodate up to 300 African tourists who come to experience what few of their neighbors have ever seen: snow.


In this marvel of sorts, you will wear a signature red instructor uniform and join a super cosy ski school. Not only will you teach both children and adults to ski, but you will also likely be the person who introduces them to snow for the first time. It’s something special for everyone involved, and a ski instructor experience you cannot find anywhere else.


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Travel Periods


For community, we think it’s best to travel together. The recommended dates below give you the option to travel with your fellow ski instructors:


Travel for 4-5 weeks: 

  • Depart May 28; Return June 28, 2018
  • Depart June 25; Return July 26, 2018
  • Depart July 23; Return Aug. 30, 2018


Price: €2,150


Travel for 6-7 weeks:  

  • Depart May 28; Return July 12, 2018
  • Depart July 9; Return August 30, 2018


Price: €2,450


After arriving, you will first travel in small groups of ski instructors and start with 3 days safari. You will then visit a zoo and make a trip to Johannesburg to explore the capital. Next, after becoming more acquainted, you will travel via minivan to Afriski and Lesotho. This is the home of one of Africa’s least well known, but perhaps most friendly country.


In Lesotho, you will live and work for a month and share the pleasure of skiing with many African tourists and their families. Afterwards, you can either travel around South Africa with other instructors, or fly back home having experienced something original. Given the shorter-timeline compared to many of our other destinations, you could say the Afriski experience is both short and sweet. Our instructors keep returning because they get so much out of it, and we are always happy to set you up for back-to-back ski seasons to keep the endless ski year going.





We have created a complete experience, where you not only work as a ski instructor in Africa, but also have the opportunity to visit other parts of South Africa, such as safari and Johannesburg. To be as transparent as possible, nearly every major expense is included in the price of the trip.


Specifically, the package experience contains:


  • 4-5 or 6-7 weeks in South Africa depending on selected dates
  • Roundtrip flights to South Africa***
  • Safari trip by car to the National Park Pilanesburg in South Africa, 2 nights in a private chalet with ½-board and a total of four x 2.5 hours guided tours, including night safari, over 3 full days.
  • Stay for 4 or 6 weeks as a ski instructor at Afriski, including a salary of approximately €400 per month, lift pass, full-board (3 meals a day) and lodging – all inclusive.
  • All local transport in SouthAfrica, including from the airport to safari, Johannesburg, Afriski, etc.
  • Possibility of visiting a zoo where you can pet lions, cheetahs, and other animals from close range**
  • Option to rent ski equipment at Afriski free of charge
  • Comprehensive preparation material
  • Personalized assistance with visa in Lesotho and all other practicalities, including employer and accommodation information and contacts for a safe journey
  • Full-service support, advice, tips and tricks (For example, packing, insurance, etc. before, during and after the journey from our former African instructors).


The following are NOT included in the package deal:


  • Extra luggage beyond the 2 bags included with your flights
  • Cancellation and travel insurance, and any vaccinations
  • Drinks, pocket money and possibly any extra activities
  • Anything else not specifically included above


Basically, we take care of everything practical and coordinate all trips and activities with our capable partners in South Africa. You will always be surrounded by our team and therefore can expect the safe and fun experience we are known for.


***Please Note: The price includes roundtrip flights to South Africa from your major home destination airport. The price of flights may vary depending on your price origin and destination. Of course, we will let you know of any price variations BEFORE final payment is required.




"People are taken aback when I tell them about my ski season in Lesotho. They can't tell if I'm serious or not. Normally, I just smile and leave them guessing."

- Jacob, Snowminds Teamleader



At Snowminds we strive to always make sure the right people are selected for our team at Afriski in Lesotho. Beyond being a talented and capable instructor, we expect you to be positive, adventurous and ready to work hard as part of the Snowminds Team.


Overall, we expect you to:


  • Have a recognized Level 1 instructor certification.
  • Be positive, outgoing and responsible
  • Be comfortable with both children and adults
  • Enjoy teaching and being challenged in various ways
  • Speak English fluently
  • Be at least 18 years old


After submitting your application, we will give you a call. During this conversation, you will also have the opportunity to hear more about the experience of working and living as a ski instructor in Africa, and get all your main questions answered. Shortly thereafter, our team will get back to you soon with more information on whether we can offer you a place with our team.

There is great interest in this rare opportunity. Available positions therefore fill-up quickly. Generally, we operate on a “first-come – first served” principle. That means the earlier you apply, the greater your chances are to join the team. Click here to apply.


Course Price

Course Icon Paid Ski Instructor Job in South Africa (Losotho)

Course Icon €2,150

Course Icon Next application deadline the 31st of January

Course Icon 27/05/2019 to 31/08/2019

Course Icon Deposit: €95


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