Become a Ski or Snowboard Instructor in Spain

Hit the slopes by day and the beach by noon


Spain has for many years been an attractive destination for passionate travelers and tourists because of its warm climate, tasty vines, delicious tapas, and beautiful people. Our Spanish destination, Sierra Nevada, is no exception. The ski resort is located in the Andalusian region and is one of the most southern and sunniest ski resorts in Europe. The combination of sunny weather and the highest mountain in the Spanish mainland gives a unique experience with bluebird skiing from December to early May.

The destination is really popular and has reached around 1.000.000 visitors the recent years. The many skiing guests brings lots of great atmosphere to the cozy town in Sierra Nevada. The charming city Granada, known for its rhythmic flamenco music, is located only 30 minutes from the ski resort and is also worth a visit when going on a season in Spain.


Sierra Nevada offers 106 kilometres of slopes and a great variety of skiing activities for all levels. The locals enjoy most of the slopes and therefore create an amazing and authentic atmosphere on and off the slopes with smiles and positive vibes. The sun is shining through the clouds even during the winter and that’s why you can expect sunny days and plenty of snow. With lots of snow it is possible to ski almost everywhere on the mountain side, since all of the slopes are above the tree-line. It is even possible to see the Mediterranean, Gibraltar, and Morocco from the summit of Sierra Nevada. Sierra Nevada also offers night skiing on Thursdays and Saturdays!



Year after year we experience that a winter season as a ski instructor is way more than just skiing. Besides enjoying the slopes and working as a ski instructor you will also experience a unique community among your colleagues who all share the same passion as you – skiing!

In Spain, you will work as a ski instructor at one of our close partner ski schools in Sierra Nevada, and get the opportunity to teach a diverse mix of local and international guests. This working experience will offer you some more insight into the Spanish culture while developing your teaching and personal skills. For most ski instructors, your average day involves lessons in the morning and early afternoon hours followed by free ski time with your friends and colleagues in the afternoons and evenings. You’ll be instructing a great variety of people during the season. Adults, young people, and children both from Spain and other countries. Most of the teaching will be in Spanish, but also some English during high season, so be prepared to get your Spanish going! 

When you are not on the mountain you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy other activities. This includes hanging out with your colleagues from your ski school and the other Snowminds instructors, playing football, eating tapas, going to the beach, visiting Granada, or simply watching a movie. It’s a lifestyle most people can only dream of.