Become a ski or snowboard instructor in Spain

Hit the slopes by day and the beach by noon


Spain has for many years been a top-notch destination for passionate travelers and tourists because of its warm climate, tasty vines, delicious tapas, historical architecture and beautiful people. Spanish people are well known to live life by its best or as Ricky Martin would put it “livin’ la vida loca. This of course means that Spanish people love skiing and with Sierra Nevada reaching 1.000.000 visitants last season, it’s no surprise that Spain is now a destination for you when traveling with Snowminds. With an altitude of 3481 meters, Sierra Nevada offers surprisingly high snow quality guaranteed from the start of December to start May. Spain is also famous for sangria, tapas and red wine which we all would love to enjoy everyday. With 572 million Spanish speaking people around the World, the Spanish language is the 2. most spoken language. There are many reasons to enjoy the Spanish language and create friends around the world.




The locals enjoy most of the slopes and therefore create an amazing and authentic atmosphere on and off the slopes with smiles and positive vibe. Because why be sad when you will experience lots of “bluebird” skiing days with warm temperatures? Even in the winter the sun is shining through the clouds and that’s why you can expect sunny days and high temperatures. Believe it or not, but it is actually possible to ski in the morning and head to the beach in the afternoon where you can enjoy yourself with amigos, tapas and corona. Sierra Nevada offers night skiing on Thursdays and Saturdays!  Sierra Nevada is located only 32 km. from Granada city center – a charming city and known for its rhythmic flamenco music. The highest mountain top in Sierra Nevada is Mulhacén with its 3.481 m. With lots of snow it is possible to ski almost everywhere on the mountain side, since all of the slopes are above the tree-line. Furthermore, it is even possible to be at the summit and look to the Mediterranean, Gibraltar, and Morocco




Granada is called “La ciudad de los estudiantes” and this is because more than 100.000 students study in Granada. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the gastronomic culture and nightlife in Granada. It is also possible to enjoy superstars as Lionel Messi, Gareth Bale and Antoine Griezmann, since the local football team is playing in La Liga. Lots of Spanish people are catholics, but football is also a religion in Spain. Many Spanish families enjoy being outside and it is easy to connect with the locals during a football match or tapas reunion. If you are more the beach-kind-a-person you can also enjoy the coast when you have time off or just hang out with your friends.


The Course


You’ll be instructing a lot of different people during the season. Adults, young people and kids from countries like Spain, England, Italy and Denmark. A part of the teaching will be in Spanish, but also a lot of English.

Furthermore, the course will give you the chance to be an instructor in the rest of the world, because it’s the highest certified course we currently offer. It will be top professional instructors teaching you in the most professional way possible, including drone video analysis on the pists.

You will be teaching between 3-4 days a week, between 25 and 30 hours and during your course, you’ll be staying in a 3-star hotel with half board.