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The Destination


You go to Australia for something different. As an instructor in the land Down Under, tropical paradise quickly turns into snowy mountain peaks. The famous beaches, vast outback wilderness and wild kangaroos quickly fade away after you first experience what it’s like to ski in Australia. That’s why we are excited to offer you a sweet equation: Snow + Surf = The Good Life in Australia.



Map of destinations in Australia

The Mountains


When you go Down Under, you will find ski across three of Australia’s states. The best known areas are Perisher and Thredbo, which will enchant even the most well-traveled skiers. Home to several world champions and Olympic gold medal winners, like Torah Bright and Nate Johnstone, Australia also offers slopes that can challenge anyone. These include mountains of over 2,000 meters and a welcoming Aussie ski culture with good vibes. Together with our instructor training course in Austria, you will be prepared to rip Australia like a pro.



The Instructor Life


Aussies are truly some of the most laid back and friendly people on earth. Sometimes it seems Aussies do not have a single concern in life, which one can begin to understand when one of the main choices to make in the morning is whether to ski or surf. Tough, right? In contrast to its major cities, the Australian ski areas offer cozy alpine villages with modern lifts, professional snow cannons and high-quality piste preparation. Then again, is it really surprising a bunch of surfers have setup some world-class slopes? Nah brah. 🙂 

Another big plus to skiing in the southern hemisphere is the reversed seasonality. Like a season in Argentina or New Zealand, a season in Australia offers you the chance to live the dream of an endless ski season. Afterwards, the chill Aussie vibe might have hit you the right way and convinced you to stay for the summer. I mean, that’s assuming you are into world-class surf, white sand beaches, outback wildlife, and party-hardy Aussies. 


“After two seasons in Austria and Africa, I saw Australia as the next big challenge. It did not disappoint. Aussies know how to have fun — maybe too much fun. But that's a good problem, right?"

- Renée, Snowminds Instructor

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