Become a ski instructor in Kiroro


The Destination

Kiroro is made for those who dare to carve a different path. While Niseko and Rusutsu are solidly established in international ski circles, Kiroro remains somewhat of a hidden treasure despite delivering between 17 – 20+ meters of fresh powder per year. In Kiroro, the winter valleys are among the snowiest on earth and offer visitors the ideal setting to practice powder skiing. Due to its ideal conditions, Kiroro also offers Japan’s longest season, from mid- November to May. It’s the dream.



The Ski School

Kiroro Snow Academy consists of about 30 instructors, a size which helps create a cozy working environment. The ski instructors are divided into a national and international department, with Snowminds instructors naturally working in the latter. Despite the labor division, it’s one family.


The Instructor Life

Whether it’s night skiing in deep powder, enjoying local hot springs, late-night karaoke, or something completely different, a season in Kiroro offers you a rich cultural experience. Not to mention the fact that Kiroro offers the most local vibes of any resort in Hokkaido. In short, you really can’t go wrong.



  • 17-20+ meters of snow a year
  • Longest run: 4km
  • 10 modern lifts
  • Varied Terrain (29% Beginner / 35% Intermediate / 36% Expert)
  • Park
  • Nightskiing weekly until 7:30 pm
  • Japan’s longest ski season from mid-November to early May
  • Snowmobile and snow rafting opportunities
  • Authentic Local Vibes
  • 2hr drive from Chitose Airport

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