Japan Roundtrip

Finish off your season with 2 magical weeks in Japan!


Japan is in every possible way unique, period! Most of our instructors are going for the bottomless powder but gets surprised by how much more the country actually has to offer. Incredible old culture volcanic activity everywhere, the kindest natives in the world (!), amazing food culture and SO many funny experiences no matter what way you look.

Japan is the perfect combination of new and old, which the endless list of inventions that Japan is known for shows. Inventions like,  Nintendo games, Samurai, Anime, Karate, Sumo wrestling, Pokemon, Geisha, Saké and high speed ​​bullet trains. In addition to these inspiring and crazy inventions, Japan also offers modern cities surrounded by a uniquely beautiful landscape. In the middle of Tokyo, you can find everything from skyscrapers to love hotels, or divine Japanese gardens and holy lakes. If you start to feel claustrophobic you should not be worried. Just a few hours outside the city stands the renowned Mt. Fuji, the country’s largest volcano and famous national landmark. This trip in Japan will definitely show you all the different, wonderful facades Japan has to offer!

It is no wonder that Japan has quickly become one of our favorites and with a season in a Japan you cant miss out on the “summer” side of this wonderful country. We have planned this trip so you go right after your winter season and if you haven’t had enough you can come join us on the tropical islands on Hawaii afterwards.  We hope you wanna join our adventure!  🇯🇵🌸🗻⛩✌


"I choose to go on this trip after my season in Japans winter wonderland and I was amazed by how beautiful Japan really is. It was like time travelling from the winter in Hokkaido to the bamboo forests in Kyoto"

- Dan, Snowminds Instructor


After several trips to Japan we have tailor made a round trip that we feel gives you and all other Snowminders the absolute best parts of Japan. The departure dates are agreed with your ski school, so you can finish your work before adventuring out on this unique experience. Which happens to be at the perfect time for you to see the cherry trees blossom (Cute, yes and very pretty) 🌸🌸🌸

Departure dates: 

  • April 4th – 16th 2024

Travel Agenda:


Day 1: Tokyo 🇯🇵

You will meet by the hostel and kick off the trip with a group dinner. You will be able to store your ski equipment at the hostel during your trip.

Day 2-3: Adventures in Tokyo 🗼

Tokyo is the city of contrasts. The city is a huge pulsating inferno of shops. There is also a sea of restaurants, including games halls and karaoke bars. In Tokyo, you can take the metro to the various shopping districts, such as the Akihabara electronics center, Ikebukero, or head over to Shinjuku and Harajuku, where youth culture and fashion flourish. Such a trip should give you better insight into the ultra-modern, yet very traditional culture in Tokyo. The more traditional part of Tokyo you will find in Asakusa around the Asakusa temple. The temple itself and the park surrounding it is incredibly beautiful but as everywhere in Tokyo pretty crowded. We have included a guided tour so you can see it all in the best way!

Day 3-5: Discovering Kyoto and it’s surroundings  ⛩ 🚴‍♂️

The next day you will head to Kyoto, home to the country’s largest cultural treasures. The city is an important part of every visit to Japan and offers some of the most magnificent temples, mythical geishas, and a stunning bamboo forest. On day 4 you will enjoy the day on a guidet bike trip that will shown you all the hidden treasures of the city.  On day 5 you’ll have the opportunity to explore Kyoto and the area around the city on your own. You can cruise around to the sights that wasn’t on the bike trip.

Day 6-7: From Kyoto to exploring Hiroshima

The journey continues to Hiroshima, a city marked by the explosion of the first atomic bomb in 1945. The city is a strong reminder of the power of man and Hiroshima is a must see place in Japan. On the first day you will have the freedom to explore Hiroshima on your own. On day 7 your guided tour of Hiroshima will take place and you will get an important insight in the culture of Japan and the chance to visit the scenic Miyajima island located just outside of Hiroshima.

Day 8-9: Discover Osaka 🍣

The next stop of the trip is Osaka City. Osaka is the culinary capital of Japan, so make sure to sample plenty of the local food. The city also offers local attractions, such as Osaka Castle, Osaka Aquarium, and many different street kitchens at Dotonbori. If you’re keen, you can also experience Universal Studios.

Day 10: Ryokan experience in Hakone!

After Osaka you’ll head towards Hakone. Here you’ll swap out the busy city lifestyle with relaxing in a beautiful natural environment on a real Ryokan. Here you will spend the night until you go back to Tokyo on the bus the next day.

11-13: From Hakone to Tokyo 🌸

Now you have the opportunity to enjoy your last days in Tokyo to the fullest. Here you will drive Mariokarts through the city center of Tokyo, see the city from the famous Skytree and have one last big feast. We think this is the perfect way to finish off a great round trip!


Day 13: Departure to Hawaii, Home or your next destination! 🤙




We arrange all the practical stuff meaning you can fully enjoy the trip. The only thing you need to do is to pack your bag, bring good vibes and focus a 100% on enjoying the trip with your travel buddies  from Snowminds.


The price includes


  • 13 day roundtrip in Japan, with start and finish in Tokyo
  • All transport between cities on bullet train and nightbus
  • All nights overnight stays in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima and Hakone
  • Welcome dinner and city tour in Tokyo
  • Mariocart trip in the streets of Tokyo – A must!*
  • A trip to the top of Tokyo ( Skytree)
  • Bike tour in Kyoto with local guide
  • Day trip to Hiroshima including a trip to Miyajima
  • A local guide on the trip
  • An incredibly awesome and once in a lifetime end of season trip in Japan!


What is not included? 

  • Food, pocket money and anything else not mentioned in the above section.


*An international drivers license is required. An alternative activity will be planned for any instructors that does not have a license.



We have worked hard on creating the most amazing round trip in Japan, which we every year try to improve. Below we gathered some of the most frequently asked questions and if you got more, then call a friend at the Snowminds office 🙂


Can I finish my job at the ski school before the trip?

Yes. We have planed the dates so you can finish off work before the round trip starts.

How does the payment work?

When signing up we require a deposit of €200 in order to confirm your place.  The remaining of the amount will go on top of your overall trip with Snowminds.  

How does this work around the Hawaii trip?

We have selected these dates so you have the opportunity to go to Hawaii right after the round trip!  

How do I get to Tokyo from my destination?

If you work in Hokkaido we recommend you to catch a flight to Tokyo. We can help book the flights so it fits. If you work on the main island Honshu we recommend you to go by train or bus to Tokyo.

What am I doing with my skis during the trip?

We have arranged for you to store your luggage at the hostel in Tokyo during the trip. Cool, right?

What if I get injured during the season and can't attend the trip?

You have the option to create a separate cancellation  insurance for the Japan Roundtrip with us, which means you are covered in case of injury.

Do I travel straight home after the Japan Roundtrip?

That is totally your call! We can help you arrange the tickets so you can fly home, join the Hawaii Trip or go out in the big world. Nothing is impossible! 🙂

Can I go on this trip if I haven't done my season in Japan ?

Yes. If you too are dreaming of experiencing Japan, then give us a call at the Snowminds office so we can help you plan your participation.


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