Become a Snowboard Instructor in Switzerland

Amazing snow. Sick freeride. Beautiful nature.

Ready to become a Snowboard instructor in Switzerland?

Switzerlands culture, food and beautiful mountains are ready for you!

We’re excited to offer comprehensive experiences that combine professional snowboard instructor training with a deep dive into Swiss culture. Anticipate being mesmerised by the stunning Alpine scenery, the quality of life, and the unique blend of languages and traditions that make Switzerland unforgettable. It’s an experience designed to amaze, offering both unparalleled snowboarding and a rich cultural tapestry that will enrich your journey as an instructor. The ski schools in Switzerland are known to be some of the best on the world. Therefore the standards for their instructors are very high. Snowminds offer extensive course that will goive you both your Level 1 and 2 certification and throughout your season you will get great insights into how some of the best snowboard instructors teach. After your season not only your snowboarding but also your teaching skills will have improved a lot and working for a renowned ski school also shines on your CV. Read more about the snowboard courses in Switzerland here. See you in Switzerland!


The Swiss Alps

The Swiss Alps provide an unrivaled snowboarding experience, with their diverse terrain and stunning landscapes. Known for dependable snow and well-maintained resorts, these mountains offer thrilling runs for all skill levels. Snowboarding here means enjoying perfect powder, efficient lifts, and breathtaking views, making every descent memorable. It’s the ultimate blend of adventure and natural beauty, capturing the essence of snowboarding in Switzerland.

Here, you’ll indulge in culinary delights that go beyond the usual fare, with options like fondue, raclette, and freshly baked goods that provide the perfect fuel for snowboarding days. And besides the food, of course the slopes are also more then worth discovering.

Immerse yourself into a lifestyle that values both adventure and tranquility. We suggest taking time to explore the picturesque villages and vibrant cities like Zurich and Geneva, where Swiss innovation and heritage coalesce. Life off the slopes offers its own rewards, from relaxing in serene Alpine spas to enjoying the lively après-ski scene that Switzerland is famed for.

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