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Turn Snowboard into your profession in the Austrian Alps


Austria is a special place for snowboard lovers. It’s where snowboarding excitement lives, filled with stories and traditions that Snowminds taps into for our teaching courses. Austria is famous not just for its beautiful mountains but also as a place where snowboarding keeps getting better and where everyone loves the snowboarder’s way of life. It’s the best spot to learn how to teach snowboarding.

Austria is packed with exciting resorts. If you’re into snowboarding and wanna teach, you’ll find your spot here. Every place has its own charme and awesome folks that you will be working, living, exploring and having an unforgettable time with. Join our Online German Language Course to make sure your German skills are polished before your season!

At Snowminds, we know that being a snowboard teacher is about more than just snowboarding. We aim to make your time with us fun, challenging, and full of moments you’ll always remember.

Ski & Snowboard instructor destinations in Austria

The Snowboarder’s Season

A winter in Austria is a treasure trove of experiences for snowboarders, both on the slopes and off. You’ll get to dive into night snowboarding, hit up snow parks, enjoy lively après-ski scenes, take part in snowshoeing, go snowboarding off-piste, and even catch some thrilling World Cup events. But beyond the snow, it’s about the connections you’ll make and the community you’ll join. As part of the Snowminds instructor team, you’ll meet people from all over, turning every day into an opportunity to share stories, enhance your language skills, boost your snowboarding, and have an absolute blast.

The vibe of working as a snowboard instructor in Austria is uniquely inviting. The small mountain towns, with their charming architecture and family-owned spots for food and fun, offer a warm, local atmosphere. You’re not just working in Austria; you’re becoming part of its winter heart.


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