A treasure in the Alps

The Destination

In the middle of the Zillertal valley in the Austrian state of Tyrol, Mayrhofen is one of Austria’s largest and highest-rated ski areas with glacier skiing opportunities up to 3,250 meters. In fact, the Hintertux glacier makes it possible to ski in the area year-around, even in summer. Located within the broader Zillertal ski area, you will also have access to a total of 640 km of slopes which should keep the sense of adventure alive for a full-season. Those looking to bust some tricks should also check out the Mayrhofen – Vans Penken park, which is considered to be world-class and attracts freestylers from all over the world. Explore it all as a ski instructor in Mayrhofen!



The Two Ski Schools

Ski Pro Austria and Skischule SMT are the primary ski schools in the city, which we know and trust. Even though working for two different ski schools makes the social life twice as lively, there are some risks involved. For example, one can not completely avoid the inevitable competition between them, which often results in flying snowballs and surprise assaults without notice. After work, many instructors meet for beers in the well-known “Pils Bar” at the top of the Penken mountain, where the music can be heard several pistes away. The message sent is clear:  “locals only”.


The Instructor Life


If the slopes begin to drain you, Mayrhofen also has a wealth of other activities to offer. The area’s after ski is impressive and includes famous local establishments, such as Icebar, Yeti Bar and Brück’n Stadl. The latter can host over 400 celebratory guests at once, spread over their two floors, and the party can go until 4 o’clock in the morning. In general, Mayrhofen is a lively city with a festive nightlife and plays host to an annual festival called “Snowbombing”. You’ll have to see it to believe it.



  • Skiløb fra 630 til 2500 meter
  • Easy access to Hintertux glacier woth skiing up to 3250 meters
  • 138km of slopes
  • 53 lifts
  • Lots of afterski
  • Vans Penken, one of Austria’s best parks

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