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The Dream in Austria


Imagine: Every morning you wake up, check the snow report and ask yourself: How many new people am I going to share my passion for skiing with today? Tough life, right? Well, somebody’s gotta do it! 


If you want a short and affordable ski instructor education, then this Snowminds “bare essentials” course may be right for you. We hold this 2 week ski instructor training course in both late November and January. One advantage of the January course is that your level of German is not as crucial to your success as a ski instructor in Austria. Either way, we will help make sure you are thoroughly prepared to crush your Level 1 exam and achieve your dream of becoming a paid ski instructor in Austria with a job guarantee for a full season. 


Recommendation: If you want more comprehensive training, check out our 5-week All-Mountain ski instructor course or the ultimate 7-week ski instructor course, where you will become Austrian-certified in both Level 1 and Level 2 over the course of your very first winter season.




The Training


It’s off to Austria in November! Our 2-week instructor training course beginning on either 27 November, 2018  or 19 January, 2019 is designed to prepare you to effectively crush the Austrian “Anwärter” Level 1 instructor exam. Our team of coaches will refine your technique in all the core aspects, including carving, short-range training and rhythm shift on the piste.


Throughout your 2 week training course, we also strive to create a Snowminds community, with a focus on educational events, team building activities, and whatever else our local team thinks is needed to shake people together and create the magic. When your 2 week course ends, you will be ready to crush your Level 1 exam and then immediately begin working as a paid ski instructor in Austria at your designated ski school for a full winter season. Since 2012, we are proud that 100% of our instructors got a job after completing their training course with Snowminds.


Recommendation: Check out our 5 Star Facebook reviews and learn more about Snowminds from our ski and snowboard instructors!




When you travel with Snowminds we take care of all the practicalities. That way you can pack your bags and good vibes and focus on preparing for your next adventure.

With this course package, you can look forward to the following benefits:


  • Job Guarantee as a ski instructor in Austria
  • Accommodation at 3 star hotel with ½ board (includes breakfast and dinner)
  • 2 week Level 1 ski instructor training course from 27 November to 11 December, 2018, or from 19 January to 2 February, 2019
  • Lift pass and uniform
  • Bus transportation from London to Austria*
  • Local transport to your ski school destination
  • Closing Celebration Event after completing your course
  • Access to Team Events in Austria during and after your season
  • Confidence in an estanlished Danish travel company
  • A total experience where all the practicalities are arranged for you
  • A strong community 


What is not included?


  • Any visa application costs
  • Travel activity after the season ends (including, transport from your destination to the airport)
  • Cancellation and travel insurance
  • Possible expenses for accommodation, lift pass and uniform during the season (this varies from ski school to ski school)
  • Equipment for the season, such as avalanche equipment, tourski, etc.
  • Pocket money and anything else not mentioned above


***Please Note: If you depart from a destination outside of the UK, we will inform you of alternative travel arrangements. In the event of any price difference, we will notify you BEFORE you asked to confirm your deposit.




This course is offered in both late November and January. In both cases it ends with the Austrian ski instructor exam and a celebration party. After completing the course, you will be transported to your ski school destination and begin working as a new Level 1 instructor. Your two options:


Winter 2018/2019:

  • 27 November to 11 December, 2018
  • 19 January to 2 February, 2019


*NOTE! If you select the January course you will arrive at your ski school afterwards and be asked to undergo a short training period. This option guarantees work during the February high-season.




At Snowminds, we take pride in offering everyone with the right passion and attitude the opportunity to become part of our community of ski and snowboard instructors.  


Basically, we expect you to:


  • Possess good skiing skills, (nothing fancy, just need to be able to ski safely)
  • Outgoing, positive, motivated, and responsible
  • Feel good working with children, young people and adults alike
  • Enjoy teaching and being challenged
  • Speak English and German at a conversational level
  • At least 18 years old


After submitting your application, we will give you a call and review your candidacy. During this conversation you will also have the opportunity to hear more about what it’s really like to be an instructor in Austria. We’ll then get back to you soon about whether we can offer you a place on our team.

There is great interest in this course and therefore available positions fill-up quickly. Generally, we operate on a “first come – first served” principle. That means the earlier you apply, the greater your chances are to join the team. You can apply here.


Key details about the course


The Snowminds job guarantee and how it works

We strive to be straight with you. The job guarantee is naturally conditional on your ski and snowboard teacher training, which over 90% of our students successfully pass. Even in the event you do not receive your certification, we still do everything we can to ensure you a job. That way you enjoy your season as an instructor like everyone else and then simply retake your certification in either January or March. With six years of experience to date, we are proud to say we have always been able to find a job for 100% of our instructors after graduation from our training course.


Training Course Housing

You will also live in a 3-star hotel (sometimes better) with Wifi and all the basic necessities. You can expect to live with 2-5 people per room or apartment. While this may not sound fancy, that’s “mountain luxury” for you.  

At Snowminds, “we take care of our own”. That’s why we specifically only work with hotels that make healthy and nutritious food. Breakfast typically consists of a large, nutritious buffet. Dinner will either be a 3-course meal or a buffet with soup, salad, main course and dessert. 


Ski Season Housing

Wherever you go, Snowminds guarantees you arranged housing at your local ski school for a full-season. The precise details of your housing vary quite a bit, ski school to ski school and country to country. That’s because everybody does things differently. Regardless, you can expect to either live in ski school housing or affordable housing arranged by Snowminds, which is easily accessible to a nearby lift.


Transport To/From Austria

Snowminds takes care of your transport to Austria before the training begins. With either flights or our fancy buses, we stop at popular destinations along the highways to collect our new instructors before heading for the snow. In terms of luggage, you should bring 2 pairs of skis or snowboards and have no more than 45 kg og bags with you. In other words, everything you need to rock on all winter long.

When the season ends, you are required to handle transport back home as there is a lot of variation between when our ski and snowboard instructors go home and from where. This must be done at your own expense, but we are happy to assist you in arranging and giving tips on the best solutions.


Transport to Ski School

After your education is complete and the farewell party is over, we will arrange for you and your colleagues to be transported to your new ski school, where you will meet your boss and settle into your new accommodation for the upcoming season.



An average salary for a starting instructor in Austria is around 800-€1.000 per month. In addition to this there are often opportunities for bonuses, for example a guest may wish to extend their lesson with you as an instructor. The job as an instructor won’t get you rich money wise, but definitely rich with experiences. We recommend bringing pocket money which will allow you to have the freedom to fully enjoy your season. The pay also depends on your own motivation, your working ethics and your previous working experience.


Lift Pass

On arrival you will be handed a 2-week lift pass to give it full gas on the slopes. This lift pass can also be used on your days off, or whenever you wish to spend some extra time on the slopes. 


Our 2 week instructor training course consists of a 2-day intensive preparation course that introduces you to the most essential exercises needed to master and subsequently pass the 10-day Austrian Level 1 training course. These two-weeks of training culminate with your Level 1 instructor exam.

Each year, we see our instructors technique evolve quickly and through ongoing personalized feedback. Our number #1 goal is to make sure you are fine-tuned and in tip-top ski shape before the season begins. At the same time, you will also participate in many team activities that are meant to be enjoyed and hopefully create the strong Snowminds team bond we are known for.

If you want a Salzburger Super Ski Season Card, which covers over 2550 km of pistes and which can be used to visit your new friends throughout the season, then we recommend you select our 5-week All-Mountain Camp or our epic 7-week ski instructor course.


Instructor Certification

To offer a high-quality education, we work together with the Salzburger Berufskilehrer & Snowboardlehrer Verband, one of the world’s most recognized instructor schools. This will not only look good on the CV, but is also very useful if you decide to return with Snowminds for our other destinations around the world. For the final 16 days of your course, your coaches will take you through a challenging instructor training program, which is Level 1 within their education system. Here you will be trained to teach both beginners and more experienced skiers and snowboarders, and become a competent instructor ready to teach anywhere in Austria.


Course Price

Course Icon 2 Weeks Ski Instructor Course + Full Season & Job Guarantee

Course Icon 2.995€

Course Icon Book before 24 December for the guaranteed best price

Course Icon 27/11/2018 to 15/04/2019

Course Icon Deposit: €95


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