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Hit the slopes in Japan! Famous for sushi, cutting-edge tech, and vibrant culture, Japan has also gained fame in the skiing world for its incredible JaPOW – boasting some of the deepest, freshest powder snow out there.

Ready to join? Snowminds gives you the fast track to becoming a certified ski instructor in Japan. Kick off with our 3-week course, receiving top-notch training in Japan and/or Austria to ace your Level 1 exam with BASI, NZSIA, CSIA, or APSI.

Aiming higher? Opt for our 2-week Level 2 course to elevate from beginner to advanced instructor in one season, all tailored to fit around your work schedule for a seamless experience of work and training. Snowminds is here to make your Japan journey unforgettable.

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There are several different ski areas in Japan, actually more than in Austria, all of which offer guests something unique. The best known and largest is Niseko, which is home to several resorts and attracts a highly-international clientele. However, you really can’t go wrong on a powder hunt anywhere in Japan. The geography of the island, means you are sure to shred fresh deep powder snow pretty much everywhere.


Most ski resorts in Japan has an average of 16 meters of snow per year. How is that possible? Japan provides the ideal air temperature, where cold air blows in from Siberia and collides with seasonal winds over the Sea of Japan. It’s a process that creates a lot of moisture. This forms into dense snow clouds that bring heavy snowfall. The result is powder designed to shred.

“People often go somewhere remote, come back and say there's no place like it. Well, the thing with Japan is, that's actually true."

- Julie, Snowminds Instructor


As a ski instructor in Japan, you dive deep into an enriching culture that complements your time on the slopes. The local cuisine is unparalleled, with options like fresh sushi, savory teriyaki bowls, and the luxurious kobe steak, offering the perfect fuel for snowboarding. Even a bowl of Ramen can be a heartwarming prelude to a day in the powder.

Lastly, during your ski season in Japan, we will expose you to a range of unique cultural experiences. During or after your season, you definitely explore Tokyo, one of the world’s most modern and elaborate cities. In your daily life as an instructor, you have the regular option of visiting the Onsen hot springs or checking out a karaoke bar after a full day on the slopes. We’re thrilled to blend this rich cultural immersion with top-notch snowboard instruction, promising a season in Japan that’s as unforgettable as it is unique.

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