From a winter paradise to a summer paradise!



When you think of pure paradise, a destination truly off-the-grid and where the sun always shines, there’s one place that almost always comes to mind: Hawaii. Hidden remotely out deep in the Central Pacific ocean, away from all the world’s troubles, lies Hawaii – a magical place where East meets West. It’s a natural paradise where people from around the world go to get away, soak up the sun, surf incredible waves, explore nature, drink mai tai’s and coconut mojitos, snorkel or scuba dive, swim with turtles, and so much more. It sounds almost too good to be true. But, luckily for you, it’s now yours for the taking.


Snowminds now offers you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit Hawaii. The first year we had 68 Snowminds instructors on the trip, who helped us make the trip an instant success. It is pure mahalo! What better way to finish your winter season as a ski or snowboard instructor in Canada or Japan, than with an epic trip to Hawaii with all your old and new Snowminds friend?



"To go from a winter paradise to a summer is just incredible!!"

- Rebecca, Snowminds ski instructor

Hawaii program 


The Snowminds Hawaii end of season trip gives you the chance to experience first-hand what the “aloha state of mind” is all about. Mahalo hoa. Get ready to soak up good vibes, Hawaiian-style! The journey begins in Canada or Japan once your season ends.  Here you will together with the rest of the Snowminds crew fly to Kauai, better known as “The Garden Isle” for its untouched beaches, minimal commercial development and lush tropical rainforests and mountain ranges. The stunning cliffs of its Na Pali Coast have served as a backdrop for major Hollywood films, like Jurrasic park, while the 10-mile-long Waimea Canyon in the center of the island has earned it the local nickname as, the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”.


From the moment you step off the plane, your trip will begin the way every holiday should: by getting lei’d.  By that we mean a friendly local greeting, where you receive a necklace made of flowers, shells, leaves and kukui nuts, the moment you step onto Hawaiian soil. From here, you will together with all the other Snowminders be lodged in apartments with kitchens hosting 4-6 people. The resort has a pool and is close to the amazing beaches giving you the opportunity to surf, play beach volley or just soak up the sun.


Before you even think about sleeping, Snowminds will kick-off the trip by throwing a traditional Hawaiin Luau (pronounced loo-ah-oo), a welcome feast and Hawaiian BBQ full of local meats, island drinks, and a night of hula dancing to local Hawaiian music! On the rest of your trip, you have the opportunity to enjoy Hawaii. Hit the beach to soak up the sun, take a surf lesson, or go snorkeling, the choice is completely yours. If you’re ready to mix things up, you will also have the opportunity to ride ATVs (4 wheelers) through the jungle, hike the breathtaking Waimei Canyon, dive off a waterfall into a lagoon, or even go sky-diving. Kauai is a land full of pleasures and Snowminds is super stoked to make an action packed program, that will make this trip and unforgettable ending to a magical winter.  


After a week of island fun we will transport you and your fellow Snowminders back to the airport. Here you will fly back to Canada or Japan, from where you can fly home or travel further in the world.






Trip details


We take care of the practicalities so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest. Therefore the dates are created in cooperation with your ski school, so you have the opportunity to finish up your season and participate in the trip. The only thing you have to do is pack your bags and good vibes and focus a 100% on enjoying the trip with you new as well as old Snowminds friends. 

Travel period

  • 18th of April to the 27th of April 2023


The trip includes

  • Round trip flight tickets to/from Vancouver or Tokyo 
  • Transfer to/from the airport and night in Kauai
  • 9 nights in an apartment with kitchen, located near world-class beaches 
  • Traditional Hawaiian Luau welcome dinner, with an evening of BBQ, drinks and hula dancing.
  • Activity program with activities such as beach volley tournaments, surf sessions, running and dinner nights. 
  • Full day “Island Tour” hike in The Green Canyon, under waterfall and much more.
  • The opportunity to buy on activities such as surf lessons, boat tours, skydiving and anything else your heart might desire
  • The opportunity to adapt your flight tickets to further travel in Canada, the U.S, or other places after your trip
  • A Snowminds Team Leader on the whole trip
  • The trip being covered by the travel Guarantee fund
  • A totally awesome and once-in-a-lifetime Hawaiian end of season experience!


The trip does NOT include

  • Transport from your destination to Vancouver or Tokyo airport
  • Potentially storage of ski bags in Vancouver or Tokyo
  • Potential over night stay in Vancouver or Tokyo before or after departure
  • Food, activities and anything else not mentioned above






We have gone above and beyond to arrange the perfect end of season trip to Hawaii and every year we try and make the trip even better. Below we have collected some of the frequently asked questions. Should you have a question that is not below, then feel free to call a friend in the Snowminds office. 


Can I finish my job at the ski school before the trip?

The short answer is yes. We have selected these dates to allow you to complete your work contract and even travel around with friends for a few weeks before embarking on this epic end of season trip in Hawaii. Some ski school have longer seasons, however in these rare situations we have arranged with the ski school that the trip is on these dates. In other words, we built the trip to fit your season as a Snowminds instructor! 

How does the payment work?

When signing up we require a deposit of €300 in order to confirm your place.  The remaining of the amount will go on top of your overall trip with Snowminds.  

Can I go on this trip if I haven't done my season in Japan or Canada?

Yes. If you too are longing for the sunshine on magical Hawaii then give us a call at the Snowminds office so we can help you plan you participation.

Can I change my flight ticket?

Your flight ticket to and from your home country and Canada/Japan can be changed with a fee. The ticket to Hawaii it self can not be changed as this is a group ticket. If you wish to change the other flight ticket then let us know when you sign up, so we can create the perfect trip for you.

Will I go straight home after Hawaii?

This is completely up to you. The flight ticket that is included in this trip is a return ticket from Vancouver/Tokyo to Kauai, Hawaii. This way we make sure that you go back to the country you did your season in, so you can either collect your ski luggage, stay a couple of days or keep travelling around the world. If you wish to go home after Hawaii, then we can help you out so that you go home a couple of days after Hawaii. Be aware that if your flight from Hawaii get delayed or other wise then it does not cover the change of your ticket home. Therefore we always recommend to take a couple of nights in Vancouver/Tokyo after the Hawaii trip, just to be safe in case of unforeseen circumstances.


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