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The Ambassador role is for those who love to share their experiences with the outside world. Being an ambassador for Snowminds is about sharing your passion and experiences with others. Basically, it should not be about promoting equipment or courses – we are far more interested in you, and your experience 🙂 Then, the rest comes naturally. As an ambassador, you represent Snowminds by creating media content and by helping to increase awareness of Snowminds values. In everything we do, we always strive to be at eye level with our target groups, and it is also something ​​we seek in a Snowminds Ambassador!


Our Ambassadors are one of the transparent elements on our Instagram stories, posts, blogs , photos, videos, etc. Ambassadors are passionate instructors who share their experiences before, during, and after their season, with our support and help. As an Ambassador, you will be part of the process before, during, and after the courses in Japan, Spain, Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand, or Austria. We can promise that you will learn a LOT and have an experience of a lifetime!


What do I sign up for?

Your duties as an Ambassador vary a lot, but your most important job is to share your experience. It is therefore important to us that you can say yes to the following:


1) I would like to participate in an online Ambassador workshop*

2) I’m going on a season/experience with Snowminds.

3) I have experience with either Instagram, Instagram stories, youtube, blog writing, photography, video edits etc. 

4) I can share content before, during my season and after.

5) I have the equipment (or the opportunity to borrow) to take pictures / videos or write blogs during my season etc.


* We will confirm the date in the hiring process.

It is a great advantage if you can say yes to all the above. In the event that there are one or two of the things that you can not say yes to, please tell us in it your application and we will take it into consideration.


What does it take to become an Ambassador?

You get a lot of responsibility as an Ambassador, especially during the season. It is therefore important that you also can say yes to the following:


1) I am serious and ready to take responsibility as an Ambassador.

2) I like being around people, am positive and I am very social-minded. I am also outgoing and I always have a smile on my face.

3) I am ready to share a great experience, do whatever it takes and understand that “whatever it takes” is not just a way of speaking, but a way of working that applies throughout the season.

4) I am not afraid to challenge myself, try new things and speak in front of a group.


What is the Ambassador workshop?

We hold a workshop at the Snowminds House in Copenhagen, where our marketing team and former ambassadors will share experiences within SoMe, blog, photo, and video production and overall make sure that you are dressed for the role of an ambassador!


Practical Information

The job as an Ambassador is unpaid and voluntary but with perks such as clothing, gifts, discounts, gift cards, etc. But without exaggerating, the biggest takeaway as an ambassador is that you really develop yourself, and your skills and gain invaluable experience for later use on the CV!



How to apply

Send your application as soon as possible.

The positions are usually very popular and it is important for us that we choose the right team. You must therefore be prepared for an extended recruitment process.




If you have questions about the position or the application process, you can contact our Marketing Manager, Trine at [email protected] – We look forward to receiving your application and welcoming you as Snowminds Ambassador.


Our Ambassadors are the key factors for fun content for all our followers on our channels. We are already looking for Ambassadors for the 23/24 season. Send us an application as soon as possible.

Below you will be able to meet the team when the season starts:


Catherine Hollaender

Sun Peaks, Canada

Erin Fisher

Silver Star, Canada

Helen Kragelund

Sun peaks, Canada

Jan Martens

Freeride course in Revelstoke, Canada

Jet Gunning

Sun Peaks, Canada

Jip Tichelaar

Sölden, Austria

Katrine Kirkebække

Ischgl, Austria

Laura Allesen

Verbier, Switzerland

Lauren Fewsdale

Sun Peaks, Canada

Marijn Roovers

Obertauern, Austria

Molly Gardiner

Zermatt, Switzerland

Puk van der Zwart

Bad Hofgastein, Austria

Victoria Dahl Christensen

Zermatt, Switzerland

Rebekka Resell Mauring

Team Leader in Nendaz, Switzerland

Eva Jobse

Team Leader in Kimberley, Canada

Julia Wagner

Team Leader in Austria


We are already looking for Ambassadors for the 23/24 season. Send us an application as soon as possible.

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