Vendelas thoughts before going to Spain as an instructor

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Vendela Edenglänt September 10, 2019

Our new destination in Spain is a dream coming true. The start of the season is getting close and we are only two months away from the instructor course in Spain! We’ve talked with Vendela, which was one of the first people to sign up for the instructor course with a season in Sierra Nevada. You can read more about what she’s looking forward to in the upcoming season! 


Who’s Vendela? 

My name is Vendela and I’m 21 years old. My big passion is to see the world by travelling, getting to know new people and evolve as a person. That’s when I feel the best!

Why Snowminds?

I was lucky enough to stumble upon Snowminds and I’m very grateful for it. The reason being, that they can guarantee a job after the course, everything is clear, well planned and filled with information.


Why did you decide to go to Spain?

Spain came naturally to me, as I’ve had Spanish in school. I also had the opportunity to be in different environments. Skiing during the day and bathing on the beach in the afternoon, which seems crazy!

What do you look forward to during your season?

I look forward to improving my Spanish, of course. But also meeting a lot of different new people and being in an amazing environment.

What’s your goal with the season?

My main goal is to improve my skiing, so I can teach other people afterwards!

Do you have other thoughts or expectations for the season?

Another bonus by being a ski instructor is that you get to be active for the whole day. I love working out and it’s an amazing way to combine work and training!




Do you want to go to Spain like Vendela? Read more about our 8-week instructor course in Spain here or reserve here

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