What should you do on your Gap Year? THE ULTIMATE GAP YEAR GUIDE

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Trine Størup December 5, 2019

You can spend a gap year on so many things that it can be difficult to choose what to do. We have made you this guide so you can think about what experiences you would like out of your gap year, depending on if you want travel, work or education. 


Work / volunteer

Many choose to work during their gap year in order to earn money for traveling or to purchase accommodation. The most common form of employment is usually servant, cashier, salesperson, substitute teacher etc.

Volunteering could also be a potential activity and incredibly attractive to add to your resume. For example, it could be helping out at the Red Cross, refugee camps, becoming a mentor, offering support as a tutor or help at your local community etc. 

Backpack / group travel / interrail

There are many different ways to travel, it is up to you to decide what fits you the most. Backpacking and inter railing are usually the cheapest solutions, depending on whether you plan the trip yourself or through an agency. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to traveling and it’s really a great way to earn life experience and independence.

For those of you who want to travel with a larger group and make lifelong friends, group travel is also a suitable option. When traveling on a group trip, a tour guide will always support you throughout the journey, in order for you to just follow along.


Ski- or summer guide involves a job abroad where you will first participate on a course before you actually start working. As a guide, you will learn how to be service-minded, run excursions, receive guests, handle conflict, and make important decisions. As a guide, you must also be available for all guests around the clock to ensure a high level of service. In addition, you will be trained in sales, which may be beneficial for future employment.

Ski instructor or snowboard instructor

Do you dream of a job where you get paid to ski/ snowboard?

If you can say yes to the above then a season as an instructor with Snowminds the right thing for you! We believe that only your imagination sets boundaries, and with destinations on 6 different continents, you have every opportunity to have an awesome experience as a ski or snowboard instructor. 

Here at Snowminds we have tailored instructor courses from 2-11 weeks, regardless of level or ambition, which means your dream as an instructor can be fulfilled. No matter length of course, you get the mountains as your office, you get to ski or snowboard EVERY day, in addition to unique language training, an international teaching experience and a community that will make you friends for life.

Snowminds has courses in Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, Austria and many more destinations. 


A ski-bum might be the most relaxing gap year out there. As a ski-bum you ski every day, party and take the days, day by day.

Supplementary courses high school

If you need to study a subject from high school in order to fulfil an admission requirement for higher education, this is also possible during your gap year.Gap Year Activity

There are many options to choose from during your gap year. If you would like to have a winter season in the snow as a ski-or snowboard instructor you can reserve your spot here

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