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Help new instructors on their next adventure.

Do you want to become a Team Leader?

Do you love the job as a ski or snowboard instructor and the life in the mountain? Do you get high when you teach and give your guests a fantastic experience? Are you ambitious and are you constantly striving to learn? If you can say yes to this you might be the next member of the Snowminds Academy.

Our Team Leaders are one of the most important elements of our courses and therefore we always strive for finding the right people to help give the new Snowminds instructors the time of their life! You will as a Team Leader be a part of the process before, during and after the courses in Japan, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, Norway or Austria. You will as a Team Leader be a part of the Snowminds Academy and take your journey with Snowminds to the next level. We can promise that you will learn A LOT and get an experience of a lifetime!

Please read through this page and check out the videos!


What do I sign up for?

Your tasks as a Team Leader will vary quite a lot, but your most important job will be, to be there for the new instructors. It is therefore important for us that you can say yes to the following:

1) I can participate in The Snowminds Academy Camp in Copenhagen on 12th-15th September.

2) I can participate in the Kick off Events in my country. International kick off: 18th-22nd of September. Dutch Kick off (Austria only) September 24th.

3) I can go with our new team to either Canada, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Spain or Japan in November/December. If you want to go to Japan or Canada we expect you to do the full season there yourself too. If you want to go to Canada you need to apply for your visa ASAP.

4) I can participate and run team events during my season and be there for the team during the entire season.

It is a big advantage if you can say yes to everything and we will prioritise this. In case there is one or two of the things that you will not be able to live up to please let us know in your application and then we will take this into consideration. You can also check out our video below to get a better idea of how the Academy days unfold from a previous year.



What does it take to become a Team Leader?

You will be given a lot of responsibility as a Team leader, especially during the courses. It is therefore important that you can say yes to the following:

1) I’m serious and ready to take the responsibility to become a Team Leader.

2) I like being around people and I’m very social. I’m also outgoing and I always have a smile on my face.

3) I’m ready to do whatever it takes to give the new instructors a great experience and I understand that “Doing whatever it takes” is not just a motto, but a way of working through the entire season.

4) I’m ready to work hard and do an effort!

5) I enjoy leading a group, start new things up and talk in front of a group.

6) I’m willing to learn and become a part of the Snowminds Academy.

7) I’m considering doing this for more than one year (not a demand).


What is Snowminds Academy?

The Snowminds Academy is for everyone from all countries who is going to be a Team Leader or Course Manager. This is a way of making our group of Team Leaders well prepared, give them a lot of tools and in general give them an awesome experience. The Academy will teach you all you need to learn to be able to lift the job as a Team Leader and will be something that you can use moving forward as well. We will next to that also create a pool and invite some extra great candidates to participate in the Academy for further potential courses.


Practical stuff

The job as a Team Leader is paid, and we will cover your expenses on housing during the course, breakfast/dinner during the course, lift pass, and other expenses you would have as a part of running a course. We can as a Team Leader help you with finding a job on a ski school and coordinate the season for you. We will discuss this further in the interview. Next to that you will get an awesome Team Leader Clothing Package!


How to apply

Please send your application as fast as possible, but latest the 27th of May. We will do interviews during May/June and the earlier you apply the better are your chances.

The positions are normally very popular and it is important for us that we choose the right team. You should, therefore, be prepared for a thorough recruitment process.

In the application form, you are asked to attach an application, CV and a profile picture. We will in a week after the deadline get back to all applicants.

You can apply here!

If you have any questions in regards to the position or application process please contact Line at [email protected] .
We will look forward to receiving your application and maybe welcoming you to the Snowminds Academy.

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