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Snowminds February 26, 2024

10 reasons why you should become a ski instructor with Snowminds

If your dream is to become a ski or snowboard instructor, you are surely wondering what the best way is to do so. Here, you can find 10 reasons why you should choose Snowminds for a once-in-a-lifetime experience! 

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1. Security is top priority

Naturally, we at Snowminds do everything to make sure you can experience the season of a lifetime. But in case something should disrupt your experience on our end, you are covered by the Snowminds money back guarantee. In that case you can choose to either move your ski holiday or instructor course free of charge to a later date, attend a different ski holiday or instructor course, or receive a full refund for your trip. So you have nothing to worry about besides packing and getting excited for your season! On top of that, Snowminds is part of the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund, which provides an extra layer of security. In addition to prioritising security, our team members, including those at the Snowminds House in Copenhagen, the Team Leaders at destination resorts, and the Area Managers in each country, have all completed at least one season as ski instructors. Their firsthand experience equips them to provide unparalleled support and guidance, ensuring your safety and peace of mind throughout your journey with Snowminds. With this wealth of real-life expertise, rest assured that we’re committed to doing whatever it takes to make your experience as secure as possible.


2. Dream Destinations

Snowminds has partnerships with the most ski schools. We are able to delegate jobs at ski schools on 6 different continents! Start by taking our destinationtest to see what could be right for you. Since Snowminds’ start in 2012 we have built strong relationships and partnerships with ski schools all around the world, which we honor and take care of. Our tight network of partners ensures that we will find the right spot for you. We base our delegation of ski schools on your personality, your wishes and of course your skills, whether it being skiing or snowboarding skills and/or language skills. The experience we have collected over the years ensures that together with you we will find a spot that suits YOU! Whether you want to revisit the ski resort from childhood memories or explore something entirely new, Snowminds can offer it! 


3. Programs tailored to you

Of course, everybody has different timing, skill levels, and goals for their season. This is why Snowminds offers the broadest range of ski instructor courses. As you will see, our courses differ in length, location, required skill level, departure, and the certification you will get at the end. This allows you to find a program that matches your wishes exactly and sets you off to a great start for your season! Of course, we will also use our long-term and firsthand experience to help you make this choice. Even before the season starts, you can join our language courses or go on a camp to make sure your skills are set up for success. 


4. The Snowminds community

The Snowminds team is a tight and international community and is waiting for you to join! While our instructors come from many different countries and backgrounds, they all have the passion for snow sports in common. We are more then just your course provider, you also become a part of our community. We offer social events, like the Kick-Off event before the season, team events during the season, and of course our big reunion party after the season! During your time in the snow, there will be Snowminds Team Leaders to make sure everything goes well but also to be there for you and support you. As you can tell, you will make a ton of friends within the Snowminds Community, and there will always be someone that you can talk to or get support from, before, during, and after your season!  


5. Job placement

Getting a job as a ski instructor can be difficult. Especially right after passing your exam or in very popular ski resorts, where there is a high demand for job opportunities. This is why we offer our unique job placement. That means we will take care of this for you and make sure that you will get a job as a ski instructor after passing your exam. Due to our worldwide partnerships, we are able to delegate job opportunities according to the wishes of the ski school, as well as your wishes so we make sure it is a great match. We will also put you in contact with your ski school before your season starts, so you can talk to them directly and ask questions, ahead of departure. Even though a lot of time and care goes into this delegation process, should something go wrong we have the network to set you up with an alternative. So getting a job as a ski instructor is nothing you have to worry about when travelling with Snowminds!


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6. First hand expertise

Snowminds offers a tight security net. Our large team makes sure that there is always someone you can talk to. We have all experienced at least one ski season at least once and can offer first-hand expertise. The Snowminds Team goes beyond the 20 plus people working in the Snowminds House in Copenhagen – we are also able to provide support on location through our Team Leaders, Area Managers and frequent visits by our Team. On top of this we have a 24 hour support phone during the winter season, so in case anything goes wrong, we are always here for you!


7. Certified instructor courses

We work together with top ski schools and snow sports associations in all our operating countries. We offer internationally recognised qualification systems such as the British Association of Snowsport Instructors, Salzburger Berufsschilehrer & Snowboardlehrer Verband, Canadian Ski Instructor Alliance, New Zealand Snowsports Instructors Alliance, and more. This means that you will end the course with an international ski, snowboard or dual instructor certificate that you can use throughout your life and always return to the instructor life later on, worldwide!  To ensure that you are becoming the best instructor, Snowminds also offers a wide range of language and team-building opportunities. So while experiencing your season, you will also learn a lot for your future use – even to put on your CV!


8. Trust from our Snowminders

Over 6000 people are already part of Snowminds and have been very happy with our service and their adventures. We have many customers “coming back for more” the next season and over the years have collected lots of feedback to improve our experiences even more. Don’t just take it from us – have a look at what our Snowminders have to say about us and their experiences. Check out the over 400 reviews on TrustPilot that leave us with a rating of 4.8/5 stars. We always appreciates when people share their feedback and our team can’t wait to make even more people happy and share the joy of the instructor life with you!


9. Invaluable qualifications for your future

While having a great time during your season, you will gain great skills and qualifications. Staying abroad for up to 6 months, gaining a world wide recognized certification, language training, up to 5 months of international work experience and working with children and people from all over the world (and we could keep going). These are just some of the benefits that will add significant value to your CV for future job or education applications. From the Snowminds course, you get up to 12 weeks of sports technical, educational, linguistic and personal development. And of course we will provide you with a course certificate with a recommendation so that you can document this for the future. Have a read of this blog about how one of our instructors got into his dream university with the help of a Snowminds course!


10. We are here for you!

 Starting with the application process and throughout your entire season, the Snowminds Team is here for you and can offer personal guidance and support. Even though we have a lot of instructors going on a season with us, you are more then just a number to us. You will quickly get to know our Team as we always offer personal guidance, suited exactly to your situation. This means we take all your worries seriously and work together with you to find solutions. Our emergency phone as well as the local support of our Team Leaders ensures that you can fully rely on us and can enjoy your season to the fullest.


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Snowminds is here to ensure a smooth and memorable experience for you

You will receive support throughout your entire journey. We are full of passion and are committed to doing “whatever it takes” to ensure that you have an amazing time on the slopes. With experience since 2012 and over 6000 happy Snowminders, Snowminds has created many memorables life experiences. And our team is always looking forward to creating many more!



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