The Ultimate Powder in Japan

Snowminds October 10, 2019

In 2016, Mads Zederkof was on Snowminds’ Big Japow Tour to Japan.


The ski trip consisted of a weekend in Tokyo and then to the North Island of Hokkaido in Japan, where Mads along with the rest of the group, experienced the Japanese off-piste from the best side.

Led by local mountain guides, they visited the best powder ski areas in the region, like Niseko, during the 10 days, received endless amounts of deep snow, sushi, sake, snowmobiling in the wilderness and night skiing in fresh powder.

We have asked Mads if he wants to tell about his ski trip in Hokkaido, and below you can read his stories and see his personal pictures and video from the trip!



“I had long been dreaming of Japan and the best powder in the world, as most commonly mentioned. It was going to be a trip with a lot of good skiing, cultural impressions and culinary experiences. I had explored different options for a ski trip in Hokkaido myself, but nothing could match what I got through Snowminds. The trip had it all and matched my requirements for the absolute fullest”.



After a weekend in Tokyo (fantastic city), we headed north to the northern peninsula of Hokkaido, where the next 10 days were spent on the Japanese Powder Mecca with world-class skiing in different areas.

We had two competent guides who each morning had a simple plan “We just wanted to go where the best powder was. The skiing is the best I have ever experienced and cannot be compared to Europe at all”, Mads says.



One of the absolute highlights of the trip was when our guide equipped us with each of our snowmobiles that we then used all day.

We were taught the technique, carving on the scooter and having fun with it. Loops to a deserted mountain where half of us were skiing down while the others picked us up again. Have you tried snowmobiling on a Japanese field with half a meter of powder? If not, then you have another reason to choose this particular trip, Mads elaborates.



“Snowminds gets the warmest recommendations and the trip is the ultimate off-piste experience.”, Mads Zederkof concludes, with reference to his trip with Snowminds in 2016.




Are you dreaming of experiencing the world’s best powder like Mads? If so, you can read more about off-piste skiing or contact us so we can help you find your next adventure on skiing or snowboarding.

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