Oui, I speak French !

Snowminds February 11, 2022

Do you speak French? Oui, Oui, je parle français.

We have all heard the rumor: French people do not speak English. Well, to be honest, being French myself,  for the majority, this rumor is true! But it is not only in France, in certain parts of Canada and Switzerland it is considered the main dialect. Thus, many resorts and ski schools find that having French on your resume as a ski/snowboard instructor is a plus. So don’t waste a minute to learn French and get started with our online Snowlingo French course.

Choice of destination

In Canada or Switzerland, French is not obligatory, but imagine the extra groups you could teach ski/snowboard to if you spoke a little bit of French. Here are some resorts in the French-speaking side of the country, where Snowminds offers ski/snowboard instructor courses:

  1. Switzerland: Nendaz, Verbier and La Tzoumaz
  2. Canada: Stoneham and Bromont
  3. And of course… FRANCE

I can admit that it is not an easy language to learn. I mean we all heard about the “vert”(green), “vers” (towards), “ver” (worm), and “verre” (glass) – no tricks they are all pronounced the same😂

How could you possibly learn French in a few months?


French course – Snowlingo

Let me put your mind at ease. If you want it enough, you can – thanks to Snowlingo French Course! This language program is developed to help the instructor prepare for their season in French-speaking countries. With the course, you should be able to practice and improve your French skills, which will be a benefit when you arrive at their destination. The goal is not to teach you basic grammar lessons, but instead, the course aims to teach you useful sentences and the vocabulary needed for a successful winter season and life at French-speaking ski resorts.

This is for you guys so that you can manage the ski/snowboard instructor education and work afterward, with associated vocabulary within ski and snowboard instruction.

Once you have chosen your destination, if you are a complete French-beginner, we recommend you to learn the basics of French with the app Duolingo. Afterward, you are full-on ready for Snowminds Online Course, which is built in 10 modules accessible anywhere at any time!  You start the first week with learning the basic sentences that you will need as a ski and/or snowboard instructor. Each following week, you start with a new module, which focuses on a relevant topic for you as a ski instructor or snowboard instructor. For example,  you will get started with modules teaching both children and adults, while being introduced to the technicals French ski/snowboard terms. Each module have assignments with videos and audios files to help you😊

But of course, like any learning process, you need to commit and spend time practicing! Instead of learning French, you could learn at school, we made a concrete course where you only learned the ‘necessary’ in relation to being a ski/snowboard instructor. And if you follow the modules thoroughly you should be ready for your season! 

Learn French during your season

Whether you are in Bromont, Canada, or Nendaz, Switzerland, French-speaking people are everywhere and many of them are not fluent in English or Dutch and even less in Danish.

Imagine for a second that you have to teach them specific ski techniques in English… And because many have tried, we can tell you that it can be challenging to explain these technical terms to non-English speakers  and ski schools know that. This is why they tend to favor those speaking a bit of French in these resorts, since it opens the door to more potential clients and class booking.

Outside of the benefit for your resume, speaking a bit of French is so useful to get around the resort and get to know the locals🍻

Blog Post French Snowlingo


More than just “baguette”, “fromage” or “je m’appelle” !

Obviously French is a challenging language, and it requires a lot of motivation to learn. However, once it is acquired, you will be so happy about the opportunities it will open up! Make the most of your gap year or your formation as a ski/snowboard instructor and learn a new language.  After French Snowlingo you will be able to continue your sentence after “je m’appelle” and present your amazing self to your ski schools, clients and the locals!

// Léa

Are you also keen to throw yourself into the French language and do a winter season in French-speaking resorts after reading our blog? See all our opportunities for courses here, and read more about our French courses in instructor education here.

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