Level 1 Offpiste Guide in Canada

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Johan Toft-Nielsen February 23, 2018

“The season in Canada is going by very fast, and now there is only two months left remaining. Time flies when you are having fun and among amazing people. My fellow instructors and I have now seriously started our training for the CAA Operations Level 1 exam. We’ve had many lessons, including companion rescue training (locate, probe and dig transceiver-free) and problem-solving in difficult conditions (high speed, snow crystals, wind directions, precipitation). Of course, there have also been hiccups along the way. That’s part of life.… But why do we really go through all this? Fundamentally, we do it to pursue bottomless deep powder. The difference between us and – as a matter of principle – the general population is just that we learn how to do it safely and dare to try. Going into the off-piste in Canada is simply amazing when weather and precipitation are right. This is the place where you can experience the completely dry champagne powder you dream about.”By

– Johan Toft-Nielsen, Snowminds Instructor

Learn more about how to achieve the CAA Operations Level 1.



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