Snowminds February 8, 2024

Dreaming of becoming a ski instructor? Don’t hesitate to pursue the dream today. There are many benefits to applying as a ski instructor early and embarking on your journey. The current winter season is full-on, don’t miss out on the next one.

Here are 5 reasons why YOU should start applying as a ski instructor early and ensure that you are on the way to your ski school! The season usually runs from December till the end of March. To get the most out of the winter we want to send you off as early as possible. 

Our recruitment process begins when you send an application. You’ll be invited to an online interview, and if that goes well, we’ll notify you of the interview outcome within a week. Successful candidates secure a season with Snowminds. We usually have most of our team set before summer.

1. Destination

The number of available spots for instructors is limited, so to maximize your chances of landing a spot at your dream destination, we recommend that you start applying as a ski instructor early on – we delegate the spots on a first-come, first-served basis 🙂

In the application process, your destination preferences are highly valued, and we strive to match them as closely as possible. It’s in our best interest to match you with a destination that meets your expectations and dreams of the perfect winter season, based on our many years of experience with each ski school.

2. Work Visa for Japan or Canada

Both Japan and Canada are popular destinations for their unique ski experiences. For most nationalities, a working holiday visa is required to work in both Canada and Japan. The visa process takes between 1 to 4 months, highlighting the importance of starting early. There is also a limited number of visas granted annually, so an early visa application in the year is necessary to secure one.

Friends on the mountain

3. Applying as a ski instructor with friends or partner?

Do you want to spend the season as a ski instructor with your partner or your favorite ski buddy? Planning this requires planning to ensure that everything falls into place. However, the puzzle becomes much easier to solve if you apply early. Every ski school has different requirements and standards to the instructors. This is why an early application can be an advantage. If you or your friend doesn’t meet up the standards of your dream destination, there’s time to get the experience you need.😉

4. Attend the kick-off event

At Snowminds, we wanna make sure that you have a great social experience, which is why we hold our annual kick-off event. These events are a great way to meet the other Snowminders that you’ll be going on a season with. Come connect with awesome people who share your passion for the mountains, and start bonding with your future riding squad today.

Kick-off event

5. Time for language improvement

You might already have had German or French in school, yet the teaching situation can be a whole different ball game. Imagine standing in front of 10 students and teaching them how to ski. This requires specific language use and clarity that only comes with practice. To ensure that you are fully prepared, it’s a good idea to improve your language skills well before the season starts. At Snowminds, we offer language courses that help you strengthen these skills and master the vocabulary!

Well… we know we wrote 5 reasons, but this might be the most important reason:

6. You have something to look forward to!

Don’t wait for the ‘perfect time’ to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you dream of a winter with making smooth, sharp turns and fresh powder snow, now is the time to seize the opportunity. Forget ‘tomorrow’ – the best adventures don’t wait! Start applying as a ski instructor now and ensure that you don’t miss out on the experience of a lifetime!

Where the adventure starts

Erin Fischer is one of our instructors who is currently in Silver Star, Canada, and has had a previous season in Falls Creek, Australia. She started applying as a ski instructor early, and shares her experience and why it has been an advantage.

For me, applying early meant that with Canada’s limited visas, I could get ahead of the curve with my career. I had plenty of time to plan and save, and to get myself organised, I felt super prepared by the time I touched down


If you’re interested in applying for the season, why not apply now? 😉❄️


We run application rounds, where spots fill up quickly, so applying as soon as possible increases your likelihood of joining the team.

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