Become a Course Manager

Help new instructors on their next adventure.

Do you want to become a Course Manager?

Are you ready to take your Snowminds Adventure to the next level and do you love passing on knowledge to new instructors? Do you like being a part of the whole process from A-Z and to make something extra out of most things? Are you creative and like taking initiative? If yes, then you might be the next member of the Snowminds Academy and our next Course Manager.

Our Course Managers will get a central position at next season’s courses and the position will develop his or her’s planning and execution skills a lot! As we are getting more and more courses around the world we need the best of the best to run these courses and we want to invest in our Course Managers as a part of the Snowminds Academy. You will as a Course Manager be a part of the planning process before, during and after the courses in Japan, Spain, Canada or Austria. We can promise that you will learn A LOT, take your development to the next level and get an experience of a lifetime!

Please read through this page and check out the video above before you apply!

What do I apply for?

Your tasks as a Course Manager will vary quite a lot depending on the course and what we agree on, but it is important for us that you can say yes to the following:

1) I can participate in The Snowminds Academy Camp in Copenhagen one week in August (Don’t worry, we will pay for your transport). Final dates are still to be announced but expected to be 10-14th of August – We will confirm the dates in the recruitment process.

2) I can participate in the Kick off Events in my country. Final dates are still to be announced but expected to be 19-20th of September.

3) I can go with our new team to either Canada, Spain, Austria or Japan in November/December. If you want to go to Canada you need to apply for your visa ASAP.

4) I can before departure invest time in planning the course from A-Z (you will get support from Snowminds to do this. We will also plan a workshop to kick off this planning process).

5) I can help with answering questions from the instructors, prepare material for them and in general prepare the course and season for the instructors together with Snowminds.

It is a big advantage if you can say yes to everything and we will prioritize this. In case there is one or two of the things that you will not be able to live up to, please let us know in your application and then we will take this into consideration.


What does it take to become a Course Manager?

As a Course Manager you will be an important part of the whole process leading up the course. It is therefore important that you can say yes to the following:

1) I’m structured and I would love to be a part of the planning of a Snowminds course. 

2) I’m ready to take initiative and work independently.

3) I’m ready to do whatever it takes to give the new instructors a great experience and I understand that “Doing whatever it takes” is not just a motto, but a way of working through the whole process.

4) I’m ready to work hard and do an effort!

5) I enjoy leading a group, start new things up and talk in front of a group. I’m also okay with taking up a conflict and handling the situation in the best possible way.

6) I have been a Team Leader before.

7) I’m willing to learn and become a part of the Snowminds Academy.

7) I’m considering doing this for more than one year (not a demand).


What is the Snowminds Academy?

The Snowminds Academy is for everyone from all countries who are going to be a Team Leader or Course Manager. This is a way of making our group of Team Leaders and course Managers well prepared, give them a lot of tools and in general give them an awesome experience. The Academy will teach you all you need to learn to be able to lift the job as a Team Leader and Course Manager and will be something that you can use moving forward as well. We will next to that also create a pool and invite some extra great candidates to participate in the Academy for further potential courses.

The Team Leaders will be the ones running a course for the first time and who will do a season on the destination afterwards (especially in Japan and Canada). The Course Managers already have experience as a Team Leader and will be a big part of the planning process and will have the main responsibility during the course.

We recommend you to apply for the position which fits you the best. We will coordinate this in the recruitment process.

The Snowminds Academy will be from the 10th of August to the 14th of August in Copenhagen and is mandatory for everyone (we cover the transportation costs). We have a big Snowminds Reunion Party on the 15th of August where we want you all to participate too. You will learn much more about presentation techniques, event planning, SoMe techniques, conflict management, how to be in front of a group, how to represent Snowminds, how to create a good group atmosphere and much more! Next, to that, it will be a social week where you can expect to be tired afterwards 🙂 Check out our video from the camp last year here:



What do I gain from becoming a Course Manager?

We will discuss the circumstances for the position depending on experience and effort, but we will cover expenses to transport, housing during the course, breakfast and dinner during the course, lift pass and other expenses you would have as a part of running a course.

As a Course Manager, you will no matter what get an experience of a lifetime! You will meet a cool new group of instructors and you will learn a lot from your new responsibilities. Next, to that, you will gain the following:

1) A Snowminds Academy Certification. You will receive a confirmation on your participation on the Snowminds Academy explaining what you have learned. This will be relevant for applications for educations, future jobs etc.

2) A personal recommendation stating your effort as a Course Manager after the season.

3) Snowminds Clothing Kit for the season

4) Transport, housing, lift pass, breakfast and dinner during the course. You thereby get a full course experience all over again:)

5) A learning full experience with event planning, logistics, management of a group, conflict handling, presentation skills and much more before and during the course.

6) A cool experience in the mountains together with fellow snowsport enthusiasts!


How to apply

Please send your application as fast as possible, but latest the 31st of May. We will do interviews during May/June and the earlier you apply the better are your chances.

The positions are normally very popular and it is important for us that we choose the right team. You should, therefore, be prepared for a thorough recruitment process.

In the application form, you are asked to attach an application, CV and a profile picture. We will in a week after the deadline get back to all applicants.

You can apply here!

If you have any questions in regards to the position or application process please contact Jacob at [email protected] . We will look forward to receive your application and maybe welcome you at the Snowminds Academy.