Meet Bodie

1. Who is Bodie and how did you get into this exciting industry? 

I am 53 year old outdoor adventurer , skier, surfer, mountait biker and fitness enthusiast. Although educated in the sciences (pedology /soil science), at the age of 30 I transitioned into the surf industry, as I had been exposed to it as an sponsored athlete in my 20’s. I pioneered the Rip Curl brand in Canada as their first licencee. This lead me to move my family to BC from Alberta to be closer to the mountains as I was on the design team for Rip Curl Mountainwear. We moved to Sun Peaks where I learned to ski at the age of 35. I formerly was a snowboarder. I continued to work in the surf and ski industry until 2011 when after a hell ski trip I decided to become a mountain guide. I spent the next season pursuing my CSIA 1 & 2, Canadian Avalanche Operations Level 1, First Aid and Canadian Ski Guide Institute training and subsequent certification. I then acquired my dream job with Mike Wiegele Heli Skiing as a second guide. 4 seasons in, I approached Sun Peaks with the idea of developing Off Piste / Backcountry Camps and became the Off Piste Camp Coordinator where I remain and continue to develop new programs each season like the Mountain Guide Program with Snowminds. I continue to guide part-time for Mike Wiegele and teach AST Courses throughout the season.

2. What attracts you to the industry of back country skiing? 

I pledged many years ago to “live as though I would die tomorrow, learn as though I would live forever”. I love skiing, I love the outdoors, the solitude, the beauty, the exhilaration of skiing powder, it’s like flying! To be able to do this and continue to learn and share with others is the ultimate reward!

3. What is your ambition for the Snowminds Mountain Guide Program? 

The Snowminds Mountain Guide Program is a dream come true for me as it combines all of my passions as both a level 3 ski instructor and CSGA Canadian Ski Guide. I love to teach, to share and to learn. I would like to see the program grow each season with additional modules that would include overnight tour in the backcountry, rope rescue training and additional levels of Avalanche training! Sky is the limit!!!

4. What will be the most rewarding part of participating on the program? 

The exposure to the backcountry, a new world unlike any resort skiing. The biggest obstacle that most people face when first entering the back country is that “they don’t know what they don’t know”. Every student will leave this program looking at the mountains in an entirely different way. With awe, with respect and with a burning passion to return.

5. What will be the primary focus and how will that benefit the partipants competences?

Students will develop an awareness of backcountry hazards, be introduced to strategies and techniques to avoid them as well as how to manage critical events if necessary.

6. Do you have a final advice or message to those considering joining? 

I welcome everyone to  what I consider the greatest career in the world, one of exploration, excitement, personal development, and passion, the life of a Mountain Guide !!

Bodie is our course leader for the offpiste course in Canada. You can reserve your spot here or contact us if you have any questions!


 Snowminds June 25, 2017


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