Snowboard Instructor Course in Japan

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Our snowboard instructor program in Japan focuses on refining your technique and fostering your growth, preparing you for certification as an instructor. Regardless of your current skill level, our experienced instructors are dedicated to supporting you, helping you excel in your Level 1 examination in partnership with the New Zealand Snowsports Instructor Alliance.

Upon achieving your Level 1 certification, your Japanese adventure truly commences. You’ll begin working as a paid snowboard instructor at your designated resort in Japan. Since our establishment in 2012, we take pride in our 100% job placement rate for ski instructors upon completing our program successfully.

For those aspiring to elevate their skiing abilities further, we offer Level 2 training throughout the winter season. Our devoted team will accompany you every step of the way on your unforgettable journey as a ski instructor in Japan.


During the instructor course in Japan, you’ll engage in daytime training sessions, while evenings offer ample opportunities for various enjoyable activities such as onsen, tubing, karaoke, or movie nights with your fellow instructors. You’ll also receive an introduction to Japanese culture, lifestyle, and holiday traditions. Japanese people are renowned for their hospitality, and your ski school colleagues are likely to reflect this warmth. You’ll have the chance to participate in a range of cultural events throughout your season with Snowminds. Additionally, you can explore neighboring resorts where your fellow instructors reside and work, making Japan an ideal country for exploration and adventure. We look forward to seeing you make the most of this experience.

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