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Landes Camp in Austria

Join our level 2 – Landeslehrer – camp in Austria, which is guaranteed to take your snowboarding skills to the next level. With full focus on sharing good vibes and snowboarding training with a top professional trainer every day. Open the door for exciting future job opportunities as a highly-competent instructor around the world with your Landes education.


During the course we will organize team building and activities, as well as other training to prepare you for a season as a level 2 snowboard instructor at an Austrian ski school. Before departure you will be invited to our Kick off event and assigned a ski school, which after the course you will be transported to together with a team of other Snowminders, where you can start the season and life as a snowboard instructor in Austria together!


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We experience time and time again that a season as a snowboard instructor in Austria is far more than just skiing in itself. In addition to the delicious freshly groomed slopes and the beautiful freshly fallen snow, you also experience a unique community with your colleagues who all share the same passion as you – snowboarding.


In Austria you’ll also find the coziest mountain villages filled with authentic restaurants serving the best wiener schnitzel you’ve ever tasted! Beyond the food and community, don’t forget Austria for traditions like nagel, schnapps and après-ski, which are undoubtedly the perfect settings to meet new friends from all over the world.

What is included?


Whichever course you choose, we guarantee you “the full Snowminds experience” of your winter season as a snowboard instructor in Austria. Our experienced staff, who are all former ski instructors, follow you from the first step and are with you ALL the way during your snowboard instructor training. At the same time, our top professional, Austrian trainer team ensures that you get the best possible training before the snowboard instructor exam.

When you travel with Snowminds, we take care of ALL the practical work in connection with Gap year, so you just have to pack your bag and look forward to an experience of a lifetime as a ski instructor in Austria. For the Snowboard Landes camp you can look forward to the following:


  • 3 week course in Austria
  • Training by a highly trained Austrian snowboard instructor
  • The internationally recognized Austrian national (level 2) snowboarding education including materials and fees.
  • Preparatory ski training approx. 5 days with top professional snowboard coaches
  • Accommodation in a hotel with 1/2 board for the duration of the course
  • Snowminds team leader during the course
  • Social team events during the course and season
  • Invitation to the Snowminds Reunion Party after the season
  • Pro-deals at the Snowminds Store
  • The security of a Danish travel agency that is a member of the Travel Guarantee Fund
  • 24 hour emergency hotline throughout the season
  • A unique community of friends for life


What’s not included?


  • Transport to and from the course destination*
  • Lift pass for the course (purchase possible)
  • Cancellation insurance and travel insurance
  • Pocket money, and other things not mentioned above


*We are happy to assist with recommendations for booking airline tickets and airport transfers. Please reach out to us anytime if you are interested. 


"The Level 2 (Landes) course in Austria is wild. It focuses 100% on your technique and was the coolest way to finish my season with a bang."

- Nanna, Snowminds Instructor

Who can apply?


To participate, you must have:

  • Passed your Level 1 snowboard exam (Anwärter exam)
  • A confirmation from a ski school that you have worked as an instructor for at least 12 days.
  • Membership of SBSSV


We have a big interest in our courses and the spots fill up quickly. Therefore we have a “first come, first serve” principle with an application deadline each month. This means that the earlier you book your place, the greater your chances are of joining the team and joining us in the snow!

Further information about course dates and prices can be found below, where you can also hit the button to apply now.


Key Details about the Course


Hotel with 1/2 board


We stay in a hotel with Wifi and all the basic necessities. You can expect to live with 2-5 people per room or apartment. While this may not sound fancy, that’s “mountain luxury” for you.

At Snowminds, “we take care of our own”. That’s why we specifically only work with hotels that make healthy and nutritious food. Breakfast typically consists of a large, nutritious buffet. Dinner will either be a 3-course meal or a buffet with soup, salad, main course and dessert. In short, no one goes to bed hungry with us!

Lift pass

Liftpass during the course and training


If you do not have your own lift pass, you can purchase a lift pass which will be delivered on arrival.


Season kick-off event in Denmark

In September, the Snowminds Kick-off event typically takes place. It’s a great day where we do a lot of team building, talk about the snowboard instructor education and the season, and generally get the opportunity to get answers to all your questions. We also talk about snowboard equipment and you get the opportunity to buy great equipment at super prices. One of the highlights is meeting the other Snowminders that you are going on the season with, as there will always be at least one other Snowminds instructor at your destination, so you have others to share the experience with.

Team events during the season

After the course, we at Snowminds will quickly miss you and you will, hopefully, also miss us and each other. Therefore, we organize a big Snowminds Team Event during the season. Here we gather the entire Snowminds team in a secret place in Austria to have an experience out of the ordinary and see everyone again, while you are woking as a snowboard instructor in Austria. For example, we have been to Kitzbühel in January to watch the World Cup skiing at the legendary Hahnenkamm Rennen and experience the iconic town.

Snowminds Reunion Party in Denmark after the season

Our Snowminds Reunion Party is typically in May/June, when the last of the Snowminds have returned home, and before many join us further out into the world to New Zealand and other places.

The Snowminds Reunion Party is voluntary and costs a small amount, but is a great opportunity to meet up with old friends and talk stories from a great season.

Snowminds Social

Since 2012, we at Snowminds have trained hundreds of skilled Danish instructors. All are part of the network “Snowminds Social”, which we have founded to offer all our instructors more unique experiences, networks and benefits with Snowminds, as well as networking across years. In this way, you can get sparring and help with everything from questions about the season, study choices, career, equipment choices and much more from more experienced instructors. Snowminds Social is your access to Denmark’s largest network of young ski and snowboard enthusiasts.

Safety, community and experiences for life

From your first meeting with us to the interview in Denmark, you will be followed, supported and guided by our experienced team, all of whom have been former instructors with us. This way, you will always be able to get help and sparring, whether you need advice on packing before departure, a good advice on how to develop your snowboarding during our course, sparring for German words in the program or a comforting shoulder during the season. In short; whatever you need, we are there for you ALL THE WAY!

Before departure, you will be invited to our Facebook group, where you can put a face to all the other instructors you will be spending the winter with. We prepare Danish preparation for the program, so you can come well prepared and at the same time you have the opportunity to book a German course, so your German can sit right in the closet.

During the training, we are there to help with everything from learning material, the language, the exercises and not least to answer all the questions you may have about snowboard technique, as well as your exams. This also means that you are not always dependent on getting things answered by your instructor or in the group. You can always catch a member of the Snowminds team.

At the same time, we make an extreme effort to put together teams that can work and that consist of wonderful, happy and motivated snowboard enthusiasts. Thus, you will undeniably form close bonds with your roommates, snowboarders in your group on the slopes and of course your colleagues at destinations. All of which is something that our former snowboard instructors often cite as unique to the experience. This community is not only important from a social point of view, but worth its weight in gold during the training and exams, where the support of your friends can be just that extra something that carries you through and gives you a snowboard instructor certificate in hand.

With us, you are not a number, but a human being, a snowboard instructor, and our only goal and hope is to give you a unique experience as a snowboard instructor that you can look back on with joy and longing for the rest of your life. These are big words, but they come from the heart; and that’s what Snowminds is all about.


Level 2 (Landes) training

To ensure that all our instructors receive the highest quality training, we work with the Salzburger Berufskilehrer & Snowboardlehrer Verband (SBSSV). One of the world’s most recognized ski and snowboard instructor associations! That means you become great snowboard instructors in Austria, but are also internationally recognized.

The Landeslehrer training with SBSSV will build on your Anwärter and focus primarily on more performance-based snowboarding.

With a passed Landes exam, you will have an instructor certificate in hand that allows you to teach advanced snowboarders. Whether you pass or not, a significant development in your snowboarding level will be noticeable!

The program is one of the most recognized in the world and your snowboard instructor certificate will not only look great on your CV, but will also be available for use at Snowminds’ other destinations around the world.

Course Price

Course Icon Landes Snowboard camp in Austria

Course Icon From €3.195

Course Icon

Course Icon November or March

Course Icon Sign up deposit €200


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