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Austria, celebrated for its rich snowsports heritage, offers unmatched experiences for snowboarders of every level. Similarly, our snowboard instructor courses in Austria provide extensive training that culminates in earning the prestigious Anwärter certification. Most of our courses are dual programs, meaning you will become both a certified ski and snowboard instructor. With that, you can get much more work at the ski school and of course improve your skills on both one and two planks! We’re proud to partner with the Salzburger Berufsskilehrer & Snowboardlehrer Verband (SBSSV) and the Tiroler Snowboardlehrerverband, renowned for their exceptional snowboard instructor training programs that will elevate your riding and teaching skills to new heights. Once you’ve passed your exam, you’re all set to kick off your season working as a ski & snowboard instructor in Austria! Snowminds takes care of job placements, ensuring you can start your teaching career immediately.

The course and exam are conducted in German, reflecting the need for instructors to communicate effectively in the local language. For insights on navigating the language barrier, check out stories like Miriam’s, who mastered German for her snowboard instructor course here. We also offer a German language course to boost your skills before you begin. While fluency isn’t mandatory, knowing snowboarding terminology and basic conversational phrases is essential. With enthusiasm and a bit of language preparation, you’ll be more than ready to connect with your students.

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Life on the Course

Expect at least 5 training days each week, with ample personal time to refine your skills. The course covers all aspects of mountain safety, riding techniques, and instructional strategies across varied terrains. As you progress, you’ll engage in intensive training designed to equip you with the skills to instruct both novices and advanced skiers & boarders, making you a versatile and competent snowboard instructor eager to share your passion for snowboarding in Austria. For those aiming higher, our Landes 1 camp offers a path to Level 2 certification, further enhancing your technique.

Beyond the technical training, the course is packed with team-building events, connecting you with fellow Snowminders globally. From après-ski gatherings and spa days to exploring local attractions and enjoying winter sports events, these experiences foster lasting friendships and unforgettable memories. Living and dining with your peers, you’ll immerse yourself in a vibrant community, enriching your journey to becoming a snowboard instructor in Austria.

Embark on this adventure to transform your snowboarding passion into a rewarding teaching career, all while enjoying Austria’s stunning landscapes and vibrant snowboarding culture.

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