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What’s more awesome than snowboarding every day and earning money while you’re at it? Becoming a snowboard instructor is an experience no passionate snowboarder should miss out on. With Snowminds, you’re never riding solo. You’re part of the Snowminds Family, support and a tight network are part of the package. We hit the slopes together, kick off the season as a team, get ready for, and conquer those exams together. Becoming a snowboard instructor goes beyond just the thrill of the ride and we are excited to be by your side the whole way through.


Life during the course

Joining Snowminds’ snowboard instructor courses, you will be surrounded by fellow passionate Snowboarders. Our Team Leaders are always on hand to offer support and guidance, ensuring everyone has a blast and coordinating fantastic Team Events. You’ll meet people from all over the world, becoming a key part of the Snowminds Community, united by the goal to nail your snowboard instructor exam and lift each other up both in spirit and skill on the snow.

We partner with top snowboard instructor associations to provide you with a certification recognized globally, paving the way for opportunities in stunning locations worldwide. Our exceptional trainers focus on improving your areas of weakness, significantly enhancing your snowboarding skills. By the end of your course, you’ll be ready to ace your exam but also gain invaluable knowledge on mountain safety and teaching techniques. These skills won’t just help you during the season but will also be a standout addition to your resume. The Snowminds course is all about growing your abilities, learning new things, and having a ton of fun—making for an extraordinary entry into the world of snowboard instructing.

Why Join a Snowboarding Instructor Course?

Set off on an exhilarating journey with endless possibilities. Our snowboarding courses cater to diverse skill levels and ambitions, ensuring the perfect fit for your goals. Dive into our thorough preparation phase, featuring language courses and camps to sharpen your abilities before hitting the slopes. As a part of the vibrant Snowminds community, forge connections with fellow enthusiasts worldwide, creating cherished memories and lifelong bonds.

Our exclusive job placement service streamlines the employment process, securing positions at premier snowboarding schools tailored to your preferences. With partnerships spanning six continents and globally recognized certification systems, choose from a myriad of destinations to launch your snowboarding instructor career. Acquire invaluable expertise and qualifications through language training and team-building exercises, enriching your resume and future prospects. With up to 12 weeks of comprehensive technical, educational, linguistic, and personal growth, Snowminds paves the way for your success. Ready to embark on your adventure? Take our destination test and uncover your path to becoming a snowboarding instructor!

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