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Ready to embrace the ultimate winter experience? Enroll in our ski- and snowboard instructor course and dive into a world of snow-filled adventures. We’re your companions throughout the journey, offering comprehensive training in both skiing and snowboarding and assisting you in securing a position at a local ski school. With the dual certification, not only do you expand your job prospects and become highly sought after, but you also enhance your own mountain experience, tackling diverse terrain and teaching a variety of classes. Join the Snowminds Family and embark on this thrilling journey together—from conquering the slopes to building lasting friendships. With us, every day on the mountain is a new adventure. Read Jakob’s blog for insights into the benefits of a dual course in Austria!


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Our top-notch training program ensures significant improvement in both skiing and snowboarding skills, guided by some of the world’s best instructors. Dive into comprehensive lessons on mountain safety, avalanche security, and effective instruction techniques for both disciplines. Even if you had a preference before the course, our trainers will help you excel in both, preparing you for the dual exam and earning you the title of ski- and snowboard instructor. Embrace the camaraderie of the Snowminds community during downtime, whether it’s hitting the slopes, enjoying après ski, or bonding over dinners and game nights. Join us and discover that becoming a ski and snowboard instructor is not just about mastering the sports—it’s about joining a passionate community that loves the mountain lifestyle.

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