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About Niseko

On Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido, you’ll find one of the ski world’s most mythical ski resorts: Niseko. Niseko is an area that everyone has seen pictures and film clips of, but few have visited. The area is perched on the sea and actually receives more snow than some other ski areas during December-January. And it’s big. Niseko is in fact a merger of four different areas, so it’s never a challenge to find new runs or more importantly – new lines down between the trees. So start your journey and become a ski instructor at Go Snow in Nisko!


There are many good reasons to come to Niseko and become a ski instructor. One of the better ones might be to say goodbye to spaghetti and potatoes and eat sushi and noodles for every meal of the day. The fish in Japan is just as fresh as the powdery snow that falls every day. One of the surprises hiding in Hokkaido is a slightly older case. In fact, even though the clouds are sprinkling snow over Hokkaido, it’s not sub-zero temperatures everywhere. In Niseko, you’ll find Mount Yotei, a volcano that’s still active. Although Yotei hasn’t erupted in over 5,500 years, the old lady is still going strong. Yōtei stands proudly in the middle of the landscape, its white peak always gracing the surroundings.


When it’s time to get off work, there’s no need to fret that the mountain is about to close. Night skiing runs until 8.30pm every day, so there’s plenty of opportunity to tire your legs throughout the day. One of the other benefits of going to Niseko is that it’s one of the few ski resorts in Japan that has après ski. That said, you’ll more often than not end up shouting Spice Girls when you go to the karaoke bar with the rest of the ski school crew! And if you’d rather just rest your legs, head for some of the hot springs that spring from Mount Yotei.

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