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Austria, known as the cradle of skiing, presents unparalleled opportunities for skiers at every skill level. And so do our ski instructor courses in Austria. Our level 1 ski instructor courses in Austria vary in length of the preparation course but in the end they all lead to the same qualification, the admired Anwärter. To guarantee an unmatched quality of training we proudly collaborate with the Salzburger Berufsskileherer & Snowboardlehrer Verband (SBSSV) and the Tiroler Skilehrerverband. They are one of the worlds best ski instructor educators and will really level up your skiing. After passing your exam, you are ready to start your season and work as a ski instructor in Austria! With the Snowminds courses, Snowminds will arrange a job placement for you so that you can directly start working.

In Austria, the course and exam takes place in German and you will also need to be able to speak German for your time working in the ski school. Have a read here about how Miriam tackled the German language for her ski instructor course in Austria. We also offer a German language course, so you can prepare your German skills ahead of your course. Not fluent yet? Don’t worry. All though you need to be able to instruct in German, that’s about it. Get familiar with the skiing terms and the small talk phrases, and with the right attitude – you should be good to go!

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Life on the course

You will have a minimum of 5 training days per week and can of course also use your freetime to practice. During your course you will undergo training across all mountain terrains, discover mountain safety and of course learn how to instruct and teach other skiers and groups.

Towards the end of your course, your instructors will take you through an intense instructor training education. You will be trained to teach both beginners and more experienced skiers and become a skilled and competent ski instructor, ready to spread your passion for skiing and to teach in Austria. And if you want to really take it to the next level, you can join our landes 1 camp and become a certified level 2 instructor in Austria.

On top of your ski training, you will also participate in many team events during your ski instructor course in Austria. You will meet Snowminders from all over the world and between après ski, spa day, off-day-trips, watching ice hockey or a world cup race, you will quickly develop strong friendships. You will for sure enjoy the course to the fullest and create memories for life. You will also live and eat together with other Snowminders, really becoming a part of our unique community.

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