Hokkaido's lightest powder!

Rusutsu, a guaranty for an authentic Japanese ski holiday!

In Rusutsu the focus is on closeness and the local experience. You’ll get to experience fantastic skiing with the lightest Japanese snow, local culture and sublime culinary experiences.

Rusutsu is a little hidden gem of a ski resort on the peninsula of Hokkaido and consists of three mountains. The majestic Mt. Yotei stretches up to the sky in the horizon, where the height of the volcano controls the weather so that only the lightest powder hits Rusutsu. The light snow gives you a fantastic feeling of surfing across the snow, with no effort needed to avoid nose-diving, as the snow does all the work for you. All you have to do is just enjoy the ride!

Maximum height in m

Minimum height: 400 m

Total length of piste in km

Blue pistes 12.6 km
Red pistes 16.6 km
Black pistes 12.6 km
Ski trails 37
Parks 1
Night riding - Yes

Lifts in the area

Chairlifts 14
Gondolas 4

Ski Area: Strike backcountry gold!

As other ski resorts on the peninsula of Hokkaido, you can expect tremendous amounts of high-quality JaPOW. Rusutsu averages approx. 14 meters of snow per season, and with the dry air where the snow is so dry that it consists of 95% air, you can be sure you have the perfect conditions for an amazing ski holiday in Japan.

The 18 modern chair lifts grants you access to 37 different slopes, ranging from green to black.

Rusutsu is less-known than some of the other Japanese ski resorts and with that the benefit of no cues to the chairlift, and thereby the ability to explore the mountains undisturbed. Furthermore, the slopes in Japan are world-renowned for being perfectly groomed, which is a delight for all ski and snowboarders.

However, the real gold in Rusutsu is hidden in the vast backcountry area, where you can ride around between the trees, all in total silence due to the lightness of the snow, and find fresh powder all day, every day.

If you want to be challenged on your freestyle skills, Rusutsu has a terrain park, which is a rare sight in Japanese ski resorts.

Customised lessons for you and yours. 

The ski school in Rusutsu has through the years gained a reputation as one of the best in Japan. Snowminds instructors will ensure that you get trained tailored to your level, no matter if you’re a beginner or want to make your ski trip a delightful off-piste ski holiday.


Authentic Japan!

Rusutsu is a little local village where friendliness is paramount, and you can experience authentic Japanse culture. As with other Japanese ski resorts, it is possible to visit natural hot springs, which is a relaxing way to end your day on the mountain. There are a few local restaurants and shops. If you go to Route 230 Route station, two kilometres down the road in Rusutsu village, you can experience a local farmers market filled with fresh fish and other local products at attractive prices.

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