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World class champagne powder

When you think about a creative and dynamic society that truly does things in its own way, one can not help but think of Japan. The country is well-known as the “land of the rising sun”, a name that refers to its eastern geographic location, where the sun’s first rays shine upon Japan. It should come as no surprise that the country is often one step ahead when it comes to innovation.

"In Japanese powder, you can't hear yourself skiing. You don't hear the short or long turns. You just float, and there aren't many things in this world, that can match this feeling"

- Johan, Snowminds JaPow Guide

The Japanese Peninsula

Consisting of volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean, Japan is considered one of Asia’s most prominent superpowers. The number of popular and unique inventions originating from Japan cannot be counted. To name a few; Nintendo games, samurai, anime, karate, sumo wrestling, Pokemon, Geisha and the world’s fastest bullet trains.

In addition to these inspiring inventions, Japan also offers modern cities surrounded by unique landscapes. In the heart of Tokyo city, there is everything from highlands to love hotels, and exquisite Japanese gardens, to sacred lakes. If you start to feel claustrophobic, there is no need to worry. A few hours outside the city stretches Mt. Fuji rises towards the clouds – the country’s largest volcano and most famous landmark. Japan is a land of endless beauty, where there is something for everyone to appreciate.

What can you expect?

In addition to the cultural habits and inventions, there is something at least as important. Japan has one of, if not the best ski area in the world! Here you will find world-class skiing and snowboarding terrain, including the highest quality powder, unique nature and hot springs. It all helps to make Japan one of the best places in the world to spend a skiing holiday

The snow conditions in Japan are known to offer 10-20 meters of snow each season! However, it is not only the snow, but also the people and the facilities that are top notch. The locals are incredibly friendly and if you ask them for directions, you will get the impression that they will almost follow you to your destination to make sure you are going the right way.

The ski areas

The ski areas in Japan are divided into the North Island “Hokkaido” and the main island “Honshu”. There are a few key differences between the two islands.

Hokkaido is often referred to as the world’s powder mecca. There is better snow than on Honshu island, but the areas are less steep compared to North American and European mountains. Hokkaido embraces shorter stays, but with a strong focus on off-piste skiing.

However, the main island of Honshu is more focused on the combination of skiing and cultural activities. The Nagano area in particular has many exciting offers for cultural activities.

In addition, Japan is generally suitable for families! However, each ski area is different, with Niseko voted one of the most family-friendly areas.

You can also experience that in Japan

In addition, to our ski holidays in Japan, we also offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the best that Japan has to offer with our tours and extra days in Tokyo, for example. In short, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Cherry Blossoms, meters of powder snow, and bullet trains. These words may sound completely random, but these are some of the many amazing things in Japan! In the ski world, Japan is often called ‘JaPOW’ because of the many meters of crisp powder snow that falls every year. In short: a ski or snowboard holiday to Japan will be epic!



At Snowminds, we cooperate with several different destinations in Japan. Each destination offers something unique and you can read more about each one by clicking on the destination below:


There are many questions when planning a holiday on the other side of the world. We have tried here to provide answers to the questions that we are often met with by our guests.

Booking confirmation

Once your booking has been confirmed, you will be sent a travel voucher with your booking number. If you do not receive this email shortly after your order, they may have ended up in “junk mail” in your mailbox. If this is not the case, please call or write to us and we can resend it.

Name and date of birth

To secure your order, the name you provide on the ticket must match the name on your passport. Here, however, we will only use your first and last name. Furthermore, it is also important that you provide the correct date of birth. If there are discrepancies between the name/date of birth on the tickets and your passport, you must contact us immediately.

security deposit

A deposit of 800 Euro per person must be paid to confirm the trip. This is to secure your place at the resort in question and to ensure that you get the trip at the best possible price.


The remaining amount must be paid no later than 90 days before departure. Here we send a payment reminder, where the payment must be made through the payment link.

Price changes

The prices of our skiing holidays are very dynamic, as they depend on many different parameters. The price today may therefore be changed tomorrow. This may be due to changed availability, departure dates, time, flight route, etc.

Since we try to adapt the trips as much as possible to the individual traveler, it is difficult to write an exact price from the start. However, we always strive to keep costs down, without compromising on quality, for the benefit of our guests.

Does it cost money to get a tailored offer?

No. At Snowminds, we take great pride in putting together exactly the offer that suits you and your needs, and therefore it costs nothing to get an offer on one of our existing travel packages.

Travel certificate

You will receive your travel certificate no later than 3 weeks before departure. It is not necessary to print out the travel document, as the e-mail can be taken with you at the airport, as well as during the transfer at the destination.

Travel and cancellation insurance

Travel and cancellation insurance is taken out in collaboration with Europæiske. The cancellation insurance must be taken out in connection with the payment of the deposit, whereas the travel insurance can be taken out up to 1 week before departure. We always recommend our guests to take out insurance for “skiing and other sports”, as otherwise you will not be covered in connection with an injury caused by practicing skiing.


When booking a ski holiday through Snowminds, checked luggage and 1 ski luggage (1 pair of skis+boots/snowboard bag) are included in the price. In your travel document, you will be informed of the maximum number of kilograms you may bring. The specific rules vary from airline to airline, and you will always be able to check what their rules are on their website.

Changes to your order

Changes and cancellations must be made in writing to Snowminds, and can only be made by the person responsible for the trip. Please be aware that there may be costs associated with changes to your order.

Contact us as soon as possible if you wish to make changes to your order.

Visa to Japan

It is not necessary to have a visa to go on holiday in Japan. You can stay in the country for up to 90 days as a tourist.

What if i would like to upgrade my flight

It is possible to upgrade your flight if you want more space or comfort, as well as the other accompanying benefits that come with an upgrade.

It varies between airlines in which upgrade options and benefits are offered. Typically, you can upgrade from economy class to economy+, business class. You can read more about the upgrade options in question on the airline’s website.

It is only possible to help you with the upgrade if this is available on your departure day. We therefore cannot guarantee that an upgrade is always possible, but as soon as we have received notification from the airline that the upgrade is possible, we will contact you with a new price and the terms for the upgrade.

If you wish to accept the upgrade, we will send you a new invoice with the final confirmation of your desired upgrade.

The price for upgrades varies significantly from company to company.

We recommend that you write or call us well in advance if you wish to upgrade your flight.

General terms and conditions

The travel guarantee fund

We are covered by the travel guarantee fund, which ensures you the best rights should problems arise on your skiing holiday. You can read more about the travel guarantee fund on their website:


Transport from the airport to the destination

As part of your trip with Snowminds, round-trip transfers are included in the price. Your travel document will state where you should go at the airport at your destination.

* Supreme Experience guests who have a private transfer will also be told in their travel document where to go at the airport.

Check-in and Checks-out of the accommodation

Your travel document will state what time you must check out. Check-in is usually between 15-18 and check-out is between 8-10 in the morning.

Allergens and diets

If you have any allergies or follow a specific diet, we would like to help you inform your hotel. However, we cannot guarantee that they can take your diet into account.

Lift card

Your travel document will state where you must pick up your lift pass. This will typically have to be picked up at the lift ticket office, which is centrally located in the town, usually close to the main lifts. Remember to bring your travel document with you so that you can be issued your lift pass.

*Good advice to remember is to take a picture of the lift pass when you have received it, in case you lose it. Should the unfortunate event happen that you lose your lift pass, at most destinations, it will be possible to get a new one, for a small fee, if you can show a picture of the lift pass number.

Ski/snowboard rental

If you want to order ski hire, we can easily include this in your order from home, as we get some good prices at the destinations. If you have chosen to do this, you can collect your equipment from the ski rental at your destination, on the presentation of your travel document. The specific ski rental partner that you should contact will also appear on your travel document.


Should a situation arise where the journey does not meet your expectations, please contact the contact person stated in your travel document as soon as possible. If this concerns your accommodation, contact reception first and then the contact person or the office in Denmark.

If you have tried to solve your challenge at destinations and have been in contact with your contact person, but without success, please submit your complaint to [email protected] no later than 2 weeks after returning home. If you have not reported your complaint in time, these will not be processed.

Forgotten things

We will be very helpful in searching for forgotten cases. Should you forget something on your trip, contact us as soon as possible, and we will be happy to help you further.

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