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From the familiar Alps and all the way across the Atlantic, populations are on skis, but Canada is home to some of the most die-hard and passionate winter lovers we know. 

Typical of Canadian resorts is the widespread ski in/ski out, making the terrain easily accessible for most abilities. On those extra cold days, which you’ll experience a lot of in Canada, ski in/ski out also makes it possible to take a break at home in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa.

"I have looked into the possibilities myself, but nothing could match the trip I got through Snowminds! This trip gave me so much I never have dreamed off was possible in the off-piste"

- Mads

Paradise in the Canadian mountains

Canada offers both paradises for experts and ideal areas for beginners. Whether you’re looking for vertical meters in Revelstoke or great kids’ skiing in Big White, Canada can satisfy all the needs of the group of friends or the family as an off-piste ski holiday and a ski holiday for the whole family. The grading of the slopes, however, is different from what you’ll find in the Alps. In Canada, they are graded from green to black. That is, green is for beginners, blue is for easy skiers, and black is for experts. For the real daredevils, the black slopes are also available as “double diamonds”. So there is no red grading! Canadian resorts are interconnected and more often than not, regardless of grading, the runs will lead back to town, creating a flexible and dynamic ski

What to expect from the cities?

The towns you encounter when ski touring in Canada are smaller than you’re used to. Similarly, there is not a ski resort on every mountain in Canada, as is usually the case in European resorts. When you land at one of Canada’s airports, Vancouver or Calgary, you have to drive some distance to reach the snow paradise. But what you encounter on arrival rarely disappoints. The small towns that ski resorts typically surround are made up of large, car-free main streets and are usually designed for getting around on either skis or a snowboard.


The big attraction, and one of the things that makes Canada so unique, is heli-skiing. Here, you are transported – by helicopter, of course – to areas you can’t reach by lift. Together with a guide, you move through the landscape on skis or snowboard, to be picked up by the helicopter and flown to the top again, and so it goes on for a few trips.

For adrenaline seekers, snowmobiles are also available for hire at most Canadian resorts. These take you into the terrain that can’t be reached on skis. If you’re up for a more leisurely day, there are snowshoe or skate rentals available too. Ice hockey is, after all, Canada’s national sport, and you can’t have been on a ski trip to Canada without having played a game or two at the local ice rink.

In Canada, après ski isn’t just about dancing on the boards in heavy ski boots. It’s far more common to enjoy a cold beer in an outdoor hot tub or drink at the bar, then move on to one of the many evening activities on offer. It’s quite popular for Canadian areas to have a Tube Park. The classic long, steep and icy hill that makes a toboggan ride much more than just a little squeak. There’s endless fun for the kids, while parents can warm up with a cup of hot drinks in front of the fireplace.

Destinations to ski in Canada

At Snowminds, we cooperate with several different destinations in Canada. Each destination offers something unique and you can read more about each one by clicking on the destination below:


There are many questions when planning a holiday on the other side of the world. We have tried here to answer the questions we are often asked by our guests.

Booking confirmation

Once your booking has been confirmed, you will receive a travel voucher with your booking number.  If you do not receive this email shortly after your booking, it may have ended up in “junk mail” in your mailbox. If this is not the case please call or write to us and we can forward it again.

Name and date of birth

To secure your booking, it is important that the name you enter on the ticket matches the name in your passport. However, here we only need your first and last name. It is also important that you provide the correct date of birth. If there is a discrepancy between the name/date of birth on the tickets and your passport, you should contact us immediately.


A deposit of 800 EUR per person is required to confirm the trip. This is to ensure your place at the resort and that you get the trip at the best possible price.


The balance must be paid at least 90 days before departure. At this point we will send a payment reminder, where payment should be made through the payment link.

Price changes

The prices of our ski holidays are very dynamic as they depend on many different parameters. Today’s price can therefore be changed tomorrow. This may be due to changed availability, departure dates, time, flight route, etc.

As we try to adapt the trips as much as possible to the individual traveller, it is difficult to write an exact price from the start. However, we always strive to keep costs down without compromising quality for the benefit of our guests

Does it cost money to get a tailor-made offer?

No. At Snowminds, we take great pride in putting together exactly the offer that suits you and your needs, which is why it costs nothing to get a quote on one of our existing travel packages.

Travel document

You will receive your travel voucher at least 3 weeks before departure. It is not necessary to print out the travel voucher, as the email can be brought to the airport, as well as to the transfer at the destination.

Travel and cancellation insurance

When booking a ski holiday through Snowminds, checked luggage and 1 ski bag (1 pair of skis + boots/snowboard bag) are included in the price. Your travel voucher will indicate the maximum number of kilos you are allowed to bring. The specific rules vary from airline to airline and you will always be able to check what their rules are on their website.

Changes to your order

Visa to Canada

Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of your return from Canada. If you are a Danish citizen, you must have an entry permit, called an eTA. If you are not a Danish citizen, you should check which rules apply to you. If you are arriving in Canada by plane, it is a legal requirement that you obtain applied for an entry permit here.


Once you have applied for entry, you will receive a pre-authorisation for entry and a number which you must print out or write down and take with you on your trip, as the airport authorities in Denmark and Canada may require to see it. It costs a small amount of $7 CAD, which must be paid by credit card. Your entry permit is valid for 5 years or until your passport expires if this happens within 5 years.

If you are travelling with children who are not your own, or if your children do not have the same surname, you will need a special permit for minors in addition to the eTA entry permit.

Read more about this here.

What if I want to upgrade my flight?

It’s possible to upgrade your flight if you want more space or comfort, as well as the other benefits that come with an upgrade.

The upgrade options and benefits offered vary from airline to airline. Typically, you can upgrade from economy class to economy+, business class. You can read more about the upgrade options on the airlines’ websites.

It is only possible to help you with the upgrade if this is available on your day of departure. We cannot therefore guarantee that an upgrade will always be possible, but as soon as we have been informed by the airline whether the upgrade is possible, we will contact you with a new price and the terms of the upgrade.

If you wish to accept the upgrade, we will send you a new invoice with the final confirmation of your requested upgrade.

The price range for upgrades varies significantly from company to company.

We recommend that you write or call us well in advance if you wish to upgrade your flight.

General terms and conditions

How do I book a ski holiday?

On our website:

If you press the button ”BOOK” then fill in the traps and we will contact you. Or  click here . You can also give us a call so we can help you in the best possible way.

How do you know what’s best for me on my ski holiday?

We have extensive experience in creating lifelong experiences for our ski instructors and guests around the world. Our travel consultants have in-depth knowledge of what it takes to make your dream ski holiday a reality.


Once you’re happy with our travel offer, we’ll send you a confirmation.

What if I have questions after booking my ski holiday?

Feel free to call or write to us to ensure the best experience throughout your trip. We take pride in providing a great personalized experience for all of our guests. That’s why we strive to ensure that the same travel consultant with whom you first interacted is the one you will continue with up to departure, to ensure the correct information is provided in a timely manner and that you are comfortable with the process.

Travel Guarantee Fund

We are covered by the Travel Guarantee Fund, which gives you the best rights in case of problems on your ski holiday. You can read more about the Travel Guarantee Fund on their website: 

Transport from the airport to the destination

As part of your trip with Snowminds, return transfers are included in the price. Your travel voucher will indicate where to go at the airport of your destination.

* Supreme Experience guests who have a private transfer will also be advised in their travel voucher where to go at the airport.

Check-in and check-out of accommodation

Your travel voucher will state what time you need to check out. Check-in is usually between 3pm and 6pm, and check-out between 8am and 10am.

Allergens and diets

If you have any allergies or follow a specific diet, we will be happy to help you inform your hotel. However, we cannot guarantee that they can accommodate your diet.

Lift pass

Your travel voucher will tell you where to pick up your lift pass. This will typically need to be collected from the lift pass office, which is located centrally in the town, usually close to the main lifts. Remember to bring your travel card so that you can collect your lift pass.


*Good advice is to take a photo of the lift pass when you receive it, in case you lose it. In the unfortunate event that you lose your lift pass, it will be possible to obtain a new one at most destinations for a small fee, provided you can show a photo of the lift pass number.

Ski/snowboard rental

If you want to book ski rental, we can easily include this in your booking from home as we get some great prices at the destinations. If you have chosen to do this, you can collect your equipment from the ski hire company at your destination, on presentation of your travel voucher. The specific ski hire partner you need to contact will also be shown on your travel voucher.


If, contrary to expectations, a situation arises where the journey does not meet your expectations, please contact the contact person indicated in your travel document as soon as possible. If this concerns your accommodation, please contact the reception first and then the contact person or the office in Denmark.

If you have tried to resolve your challenge at destinations and have been in contact with your contact person but without success, please submit your complaint to [email protected] within 2 weeks of your return. If you have not reported your complaint in time, it will not be processed.

Forgotten things

We will help you a lot with lost and found. Should you forget something on your trip, please contact us as soon as possible and we will be happy to help you.

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