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About the Mandarin Course

Join our 10 week online Mandarin course! Are you going to do a season with the opportunity to teach Chinese tourists?  Don’t worry, we have a tailor-made Mandarin course which gives you the necessary tools and vocaublary to teach as ski or snowboard instructor – no matter what your level is! This is a 10 week online Mandarin course,  where you will be working weekly with various topics divided over 9 modules.

A season as a ski/snowboard instructors offers a lot of exciting experiences, and teaching to different people is part of it.  Our team has jointly done more than 25 seasons across the world and we know better than anyone what it is like to start working foreigner customers for the first time. Whilst it may seem confusing at first, we know that you can pick up on Mandarin with a lot of practice! That’s why, in collaboration with former Snowminds instructors, we have developed a special Mandarin course focusing on the Mandarin that you actually need when working as a ski or snowboard instructor. While Mandarin is mainly used in China, many Chinese tourists end up ski or snowboarding in Japan and sometimes other resorts. We believe that everybody could benefit from improving their Mandarin skills, not only to attract a broader varierity of customers but also to add on your CV!

We also provide other language courses so our instructors are prepared for the winter season and teach guests worldwide. Read more about what courses we offer: Online language courses for ski & snowboard instructors.


The great advantage of the course is that it is online and thus flexible – anywhere, anytime. For all Snowminds instructors, the course will start during Fall, so you have plenty of time to practice Mandarin phrases. In this way you are prepared in the best possible way for your education and your subsequent season.

  • Start of course: flexible
  • Duration: 9 weeks (possibility to complete the course either faster or slower)
  • Easy Access: Sign in (WEBSITE OR APP) on your computer, tablet or phone
  • Repeat the course as many times as you want!


The course is divided into weekly modules so that you can learn the phrases and vocabulary over time and get the most out of the course. However, it is no problem to complete the course in less time if you wish!



The Mandarin course consists of 9 online modules. You start the first week with learning the basic pronunciation that you will need as a ski and/or snowboard instructor. Each following week, you start with a new module, which focuses on a relevant topic for you as a ski instructor or snowboard instructor. For example,  you will get started with modules teaching both children and adults, while being introduced to the technicals Mandarin ski/snowboard terms.


Each module consists of a wide range of tasks that, through videos, audio files and images, help you get the best learning experience. This way, you can actively work on phrases by listening to them repeatedly and having them visualised through videos and / or images. The course does not focus on your Mandarin language being grammatically correct, but on getting used to the language and  speaking, speaking, speaking. Therefore, it might be a good idea to try to repeat what was said with each audio file. After all, practice makes champion 😉


The course is designed for you to practice anywhere, anytime. All it takes is an internet connection and  computer, tablet or smartphone. That way, everyone can participate regardless of study or work. You can also use the TalentLMS application to use on your Android or Apple phone.


All Snowminders who enroll in our Mandarin course will be invited to a closed Facebook group during the summer. Every year the group has been incredibly appreciated by all our instructors, and the group’s primary purpose is to motivate each other to give the Mandarin language an extra focus and help each other with some of the more difficult tasks. In addition, the group consists of a lot of like-minded people, where ( if you wish ) you can find a Mandarin-buddy with whom you can then practice the Mandarin phrases.


In addition to the course itself, you will also receive a ski and snowboard dictionary that you can use during the training and during the season as a reference book.


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Course Icon Total Price: €200 for Snowminds instructors (Normal Price: €240)

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