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Language courses for ski instructors

Guten Tag! Bonjour! Buenos Días! 早上好 !

As a ski instructor, you will be surrounded by tourists from all over the world. But in order to have the best possible experience during your season, it is highly recommended that ski instructors learn to speak the local language. You will impress your ski school boss, your students and everbody you meet during your season with your language skills and besides that, learning a language looks great on every resume.

With this language course for ski instructors you have the benefit that it focuses on terms that you will actually need during your season. You will receive 12 modules of online course material that you can listen to and practice with. Put in your headphones and learn as you go through your day! Each module consists of a wide range of tasks that, through videos, audio files and images, help you get the best learning experience. This way, you can actively work on phrases by listening to them repeatedly and having them visualised through videos and / or images. The focus is not that you are grammatically correct, but on getting used to the language and  speaking, speaking, speaking.

But: Don’t let the language barrier scare you. Everbody is capable of learning a language and you will also rapidly improve during your season. Read for example about Miriam and how she learned German from scratch for her season in Austria.

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