James Brown famously sang, “It’s a man’s world”. And, you know, he’s absolutely right. But things are finally changing and it’s about time women breakdown more of the existing boundaries. Getting more women on the mountain, for sure, is an awesome example of girlpower.

Anyway, my point with this feminist critique is just to say that I hope more women will dare to defy the stereotypes and expand their passion in a male-dominated ski and snowboard environment. To “ski like a girl” should not be an insult, but a compliment! And I can tell you a season in Japan is a great way to do that.

To travel as a tourist in japan can be fantastic, but it’s an entirely different experience to work as an instructor. You arrive as a socially awkward, pale, foreigner to leave with friends that you consider family, improved language and a broader cultural . Sorry if the tone got a little too formal, there are also a bunch of handsome Australian ski-/surferdudes and an extreme amount of sushi.


The cultural education one gets by spending a season in Japan is formed through so many crazy experiences. I met a bunch of badass girls who overcame their fears and cultivated their passion in a country with the absolute best snow in the world.

Japan is often associated with hardcore skiers and after just cruising around on ski holidays, the infamous powder seemed extremely frightening. But it’s essential for every skier to push their limits and improve and I experienced kindness from the experienced instructors and skied together with them countless times. They enjoyed sharing their passion and expertise, and before i knew it i was shredding powder like a pro!

There’s no doubt that I was challenged and developed my confidence enormously. The cultural aspect of a season in Japan gave me so many extraordinary experiences and memories I’ll have forever. If you have any questions or just want to hear more about a season in Japan you can contact  me at [email protected]

/Mitzi Friis-Hansen

Mitzi Friis-Hansen

 Mitzi Friis-Hansen August 4, 2017

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