Why Japan? Well, well, well...

Japan? Can you even ski there?

Ski instructor story: Japan? Cam you even ski there? That was the question I received most before I left for what was to become the best trip of my life. The second most asked question was Why?? Yeah, why travel all the way across the globe when we have the alps and some of the best skiing and after-ski in Europe?

It’s a good question! Could it be because of the culture, where you eat sushi for every lunch break? Maybe it’s the afterski, which takes place at a karaoke bar. Or the slopes that stay open until 20:30, always giving you the possibility for night skiing. But then again, it could also be because the Japanese are the cutest, most polite, smiling and best service-minded people I’ve ever met. Naah…. there can only be one right answer to this question: SNOW! More specifically, the powder snow, light, delicious, deep, soft powder-snow – and best of all, there’s tons of it!

And why is the snow so good? Well, it’s like explaining colours to a blind. But I’ll give it a go.

Imagine flying through birch trees on a surface that resembles a cloud, each turn you take freezes you momentarily while soft snow hammers against your ski goggles. The only moment you see your skis is when you find yourself mid-air in between the perfect take off and silky smooth landing. To end it all your friends are waiting for you and the obligatory high-fives at the bottom of the run. If you meet your co-workers during the remaining descent, with a revealing smile and snow-covered body,  they won’t be able to hide their jealousy.

Thats why you ski in Japan! And it’s worth all 8500 km!

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Jens Zetner Nielsen

 Jens Zetner Nielsen June 29, 2017

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