My Season in Canada

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“Home again, whats up?”

When the season in Sun Peaks came to an end I really didn’t want to go home. I wanted to see the country, to experience some of the places the many guests had come from. It felt odd to not see the country that I had lived and worked in. Because of this I spent the last 1.5 month travelling some of Canada and USA. It’s been extremely beautiful. My friend and I made an instagramlist of todo’s based on our route which we then used as a plan. We had talked a lot about whether or not the places would be as pretty in front of own eyes, and it was. The glacial lakes are possibly the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Bears are extremely frightening creatures, but are super cute up close. It has truly been a lovely country to explore, and the people we have met have been very welcoming.

Of course, it’s nice to come home and see everyone again, to get a beer with my sister and maybe earn a little money. But no, part of me is still back in Canada. My legs may have landed at Kastrup Airport in Copenhagen on Friday evening, but I still don’t feel completely back yet. It’s a bit strange to return home, where basically nothing has changed since you left. I experienced something new every single day in Canada. I have seen bears, massive lakes, breathtaking mountains, rescued horses roaming freely, and lived with strangers who quickly became some of my close friends. Every day for the past six months I’ve done exactly what I wanted to do. And now that I’m home, many people will ask me ‘Don’t I want to just relax and enjoy life?’. Is that a joke? It feels like tragic comedy.”

I won’t hesitate saying that everyone should try being an instructor. I can’t think of any other way to get better experience for later in life. You learn to be responsible for larger groups of different children, you learn to cooperate in a team and to put in a lot of work. I have never met so many passionate people in one place before as I did at my ski school. Everyone loves their job and puts in the effort. Many people focus immensely on their skiing, which makes it difficult to not be inspired to do the same.

My season in Canada wasn’t just great, It was the BEST experience – My season as an instructor has been an experience for life!


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