A little bit of everything in Sun Peaks, Canada

The first 1.5 month of my ski season has now passed in Sun Peaks, Canada

It has been exciting, hectic and everyday has brought new challenges. Personally I have developed my own skiing level dramatically, I passed the Canadian exam and have met new fantastic people I now call my friends.

It all started in Kastrup airport where we said goodbye to family and friends. Then we headed to Vancouver via Toronto. After this a 5-6 hour bus trip took us to our hotel. The next three weeks of the course were filled with social activities every night, unusually delicious breakfastbuffets and tired evenings. A great three weeks.

“My first couple of weeks as a ski instructor included – like all new jobs – a period of adjustment. Fortunately, this passed pretty quickly and the job has now become my everyday. For me one of the best parts of the work is the chance to meet people from all different walks of life: young children, maybe 3 to 4 years old, who sometimes miss their parents just two minutes after they walk away; 14-year old teenagers, who are brave and feel ready to hit the black slopes, despite only 2 hours of training in their entire lives; and retirees who simply want to improve their technique, stay fit and enjoy a day in the beautiful natural surroundings. As an instructor, you get to experience a little bit of everything and everyone. And yes, of course, I’m also skiing freeride in my spare time, hunting the fresh powder in the backcountry. All in all, the start to my season in Canada has been raging!”


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Johan Toft-Nielsen

 Johan Toft-Nielsen January 18, 2018

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