Why is it a good idea to apply early?

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Mathias Selchow Poulsen November 1, 2019

I’m planning to go on a season, but why should I apply early?


That’s a valid question. But there are many different reasons!

Throughout this blog we have collected a few of the reasons, which will make it easier for you to get an overview.


apply early and relax


Destination and Visa


The first and most obvious reason is the destination. There are only a certain amount of spots available for instructors in each destination every season and if you’re looking for a specific destination, the faster, the better.

When you apply, your wishes and dreams for a season will be taken into consideration and the more destinations that are available, the bigger your chance will be of getting your dream destination. Choosing the right destination is something we take seriously, and the Snowminds team know exactly what each destination has to offer, so we can find you the best match.

Another important thing to mention is the limited numbers of VISAs available for many countries, e.g. Canada. If you need a working holiday visa, it’s better to apply early to avoid missing out.


Price Guarantee

If you get your application in early you’ll get the best possible price!



Friends and community


If you want to do a season with a friend, it will be much easier to arrange, the earlier you apply. The possibility of getting the same destination, work and/or live together increases the earlier we can start planning it for you.

Even if you’re going on a season without a friend, there are other reasons to apply early. Throughout the year there will be events planned for Snowminders going on a season, including our epic kick-off event where you get the chance to meet other like-minded people going on a season too! It’s one of our big highlights leading up to the season – and you don’t want to miss it!

You will become a part of the Snowminds family and through-out the whole experience, you will make friends from all around the world.


Why Snowminds?


Snowminds has, besides being one of the worlds largest ski instructor communities, the unique opportunity to offer a job placement. This means that, as long as you pass the exam, we can guarantee a placement at a ski school.

We take pride in taking care of all the “boring” stuff, which means you will focus on becoming an amazing skier/snowboarder and instructor. This is also the reason why we’re rated 4.8/5 on Trustpilot, which you can see here.

In short, this means you will have a year filled with fun work experiences while getting an international education and memories for a lifetime.

When you go on a course, you’ll have a Team Leader at your destination – someone that has been on a season with Snowminds before and will be there to help you. It’s possible for instructors going on a season with Snowminds to become a Team Leader the year after, which will look great on a resume and/or an application.

Daniel Kringelbach, a former team leader for Snowminds booked before December 1st and said the following: “I saved money and had something that I was looking forward to all year!“.

So…besides all the things mentioned above, you will also have something to look forward to, which is always a great thing! ⛷

If you’re interested in applying for a season next year with Snowminds, why not apply right now 😉❄️

You can apply right here and if you have any questions, you can contact us at:


UK: +44 113 320 8847
AU: +61 488 844 708
NZ: +64 488 803 20

Visas to Canada are limited! 🇨🇦

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